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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Special Day for little Love(s) in my life.

Today was Pete's (lovingly called Pedro, by me) baptism. Jason and I made our way to the church and got to sit in the front row with Jimmy (Dad), Jenn (Mom) was up in the choir loft, Nate (big brother -2 1/2), Pete (the star), Uncle Steve, Aunt Katie, and baby cousin Ellie. Jane (Mom mom aka Grandma) got there a little late and sat in the pew behind us, along with a couple of her friends. The service was nice, I actually enjoy going to this church- the message is easy and spoken nicely.

Nate after church checking out the hand bells (Jenn/Mom plays them)

Pete and Nate did GREAT in "BIG CHURCH" today. Nate had a backpack full of his "baby" cars (aka: matchbox cars), and played quietly with them. Pete was just wonderful throughout the service and the baptism, he didn't cry, he cooed a little and he had the hiccups for a little bit. Baby cousin Ellie was very good too, she just slept through everything.

Pete after church - he is such an angel

After the church service we went over to Jane's (aka: Mom Mom/ Grandma) house. This family: my friend Jenn her husband, her boys, her Mom is like a second family to Jason and myself. We LOVE them all so much. They have welcomed us into their lives and them into ours. It makes me happy to have them in my life!

Pete at Jane's house playing with the lids/stealing the show!


  1. What lovely pictures!
    I do wish we could have been there. But you know.
    Jenn and I exchanged a great couple of emails over the past couple of days. I do understand how very busy she is. I know it's crazy.
    I wish I could be there more.
    Maybe soon.
    Thank you for the very sweet comment on my blog.
    you are a very dear friend and I love you for it!

  2. I wish you could of been there were missed. Believe it or not all those pics were taken with my Iphone. Yep!

    Thanks for being a good friend!