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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Not much Snow, but lot's of ICE!

Yesterday I posted about not having any speak of. But it did start sleeting and it did that throughout the night. Fortunately there were no power outages (at least not directly around us) from the storm. Always nice to stay warm. The icy conditions did however close schools and businesses, and most people stayed home from work today. Good thing because the roads were pretty terrible this morning. I walked Scout in the morning and it was treacherous! It was like ice-skating, with a dog that has four wheel drive and low to the ground suspension. *winks*

The morning turned to afternoon, and the roads got a little better, as in slushy but no longer really icy....but it was still cold out. J and I went out and got some lunch at Qdoba (we had a BOGO), which was happy happy. Afterwards we decided to wander over to the car dealerships near by and take a look at some of the cars. At the Hyundai dealership we looked at the: Sonata, Elantra, Elantra hatchback, Santa Fe, and Tucson; and at the Nissan dealership we looked at the: Rogue, Sentra, and Altima. No test driving today, the road conditions are not suitable for driving (brand new cars). It was nice to sit in all the cars and get a feel for them.

We came home and walked the sweet puppy boy. It's getting colder out and that means everything is going to re-freeze. Tomorrow morning is going to be another crazy morning...but will hopefully warm up quickly!! I've got stuff to do tomorrow!! *smiles*
Me and Scout on the walk this the lake and in all the frozen mess.

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