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Sunday, January 30, 2011

New Car....well new to us.

(Back of the Car and Happy Driver)

Jason took a road trip up to Northen Virginia with our friend Jenn, Jimmy, Nate and Pete. That was 3 adults and 2 sweet little boys (who are still in car seats) all in a Jetta driving for about 4 hours! FUN right? Well from what he said it actually was fun. It was awesome of them to bring him up to a car lot up there.

(Front of the car)

So yeah he was going to a car lot up there. We actually found a great car in Chapel Hill, but the dealership was a little proud of their car and had it priced at $2,000 more than the list price. Crazy right? Well, the exact same car (well you know same year same model same low miles) except for different color interior (gray instead of black...which I think is better anyways) was at this dealership and they seemed more reasonable about the pricing.

(Ash interior, nice and sleek)

So now we are the proud new owners of a 2008 Acura TSX. It's got a dark gray exterior, with ash (read light gray) interior. The pictures will show the full view. Side note...the shifter will be different (they had to order the one that is supposed to be on it), because the shifter wasn't in the car.

(Steering Wheel with cool features)

PS- this car is so much fun to drive!! SO MUCH FUN!! It's going to be a great commuter car for Jason.

(One of my favorite parts....heated seats!!)

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