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Monday, January 3, 2011

The last couple of days!

Saturday I was supposed to run, but I didn't. I don't think I was ever truly awake on New Years Day. So I thought I would run yesterday (Sunday), but the rain went crazy and downpourish so Kim and I just went and got a bagel. (I know probably not the best in lieu of not running...but great that I still got to spend time with my friend). Yesterday I did go to the Gym with other friends/ sadistic type people, who asked (made) me to a 2 hour and 40 minute workout. We did an hour of spinning....with some great intensity (pyramid from 1-5 and back down with 2 minutes easy in between), then an hour of lunge/core work (FUN...not), and then just because some upper body weight work. I have not done weights in I don't know how long, and I have don't done anything upper body in awhile (including swimming). And of course some stretching. Plus we went and had "lunch/dinner" afterwards so it was nice to hang a little without all the pain involvement. I woke up today with a "curse word"/ friends name on my mind. OUCH! I am feeling yesterdays workout.

I took Scout to the dog park this morning. We haven't been since the highlander hit the wheel in the middle of 540. Rental car place said no dogs in their cars, and since it took 3 1/2 weeks to "fix" my car, then the holidays hit with travel and whatnot, we just hadn't been in awhile. Scout had a blast running around with some of the dogs, especially Tekva (sp?) a black standard poodle. After awhile though he thought the dog park had turned into a buffet, and I was getting cold and tired of chasing him around to take junk out of his mouth and telling him no. So we came home.

This picture is not from today...but I thought the posted needed some pic. If it where today the ground would look crunchy because it was that cold!

Now I was COLD and SORE, but I had already told Kim that I would meet her for a mid-day run at her work. So I got myself together (eat some breakfast) and went out to meet Kim. The ride out was great. The sun was shining and heating up the car so nice. I almost thought I had to many layers on for this run, until I got out of the car and realized...Nope it's still cold. It was 11 am and 37 degrees out. However the sun was shining! YAHOO!! Kim and I did 3 miles around NC State Campus, and then stretched a little.

I was hungry! I stopped at Chick-fil-a. It's a weakness of mine. I ordered strips and fries and a large coke light ice. All bad choices. I feel it now too. I gave up soda because it started making my stomach hurt. It's pretty easy to give something up that makes you hurt, but then again.... So I gave up soda for awhile, and then every once in awhile I'd try it again and it would be okay, and then it wouldn't, and then it would...and sometimes it wouldn't but I didn't care (WHAT?? I's weird). So really no more soda for me. It really does hurt. Really should be no more grease either. Ugggghhhh.

I came home and putzed around a little, worked on housework stuff. Did a 40 minute pilates routine via the Core Challenge DVD. It was hard, and made worse by my stomach not feeling good from lunch and my body not feeling good from all the work it had yesterday! I did the best I could....which means I didn't get all (or rather any) teasers in, but I tried and that's what counts for now. This workout also had planks and lot's of great (crazy) core stuff. I don't think I'd put this DVD in yet so it was something new and different.

Productive?? Yep, even with the slip of food.

Tired? No doubt!

Next up? I need to work on designing my thank you cards for donations (seeing as I've already had 3 donations come in and haven't said thanks yet). That entails me picking up my craft area and sitting down to think about designs. Here I go!

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