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Friday, January 7, 2011

Another trip to COSTCO!!

Another day another trip to favorite warehouse store!! *smiles*

Well it's actually been awhile since I made my way to Costco. Lucky me I found all the things on that were on the list. It's always better if I make a list. If I stay to the list I don't stray away and buy to many things. Of course even when I have a list I stray....cause it's Costco.

So I got all the list stuff, and then I got this little baby.

It's a Bissell steam cleaner (spot version). After the last post you'll know why I think I need one. Well I worked on that spot, and it is almost not there. Plus I worked on some other stains on the carpet (gatorade on the step, some other thing on the step, the 3 different spots from when I had my neighbors dog -who always throws up when he's at our house, and always on the carpet, and some spots from the Super Bowl party a couple of years ago). Yeah...I've been kinda waiting for one of these!! *winks* Some of the spots are GONE, and most of the ones that have been there awhile, are less noticeable. I don't expect miracles. However NOW, I have the tool to take care of the stains! WOO HOO!!

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