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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Great 10 miles this morning...along with crazy weather and the rest of the day!!

So today I met up with Jess and a couple of her friends for the 10 mile big block run! It felt good to get out there and do my 10 miles. The girls are great! The "new" girls were quick, but I think they still had a good time even though they had to wait for Jess and I. I still did the run 4 min run, 1:20 min walk, the awesome thing is when we finished I still felt great (I did have a moment where I had some "weak" legs) but the overall pace was GREAT (for me) 10:35. I definitely love running in the winter.

Jess, Me (in my new running jacket and tights), Casey, Kerri

Before I started running I had gotten a call from one my Special Olympics buddies. One of our swimmer's Dad's had passed way on the 1st, and an email went out about a memorial service that was happening today. I somehow didn't get the email so my friend was calling me to let me know. I'm sad I wasn't able to attend, but I sent along my condolences. Our swimmer is going to be moving out of state to live with his mother's family. We will both him and his Dad.

After the run I needed to go to Target and get my gift card for the baby shower I was going to (right after I got home and got clean). I should of done it sooner, but didn't. I left the girls after we took our picture at the end of the run, and went over to Target (across the street). I talked to my husband on the phone (because he called right at the end of my run) and he said it was snowing like crazy at home. I called Jess (who was still across the street at Starbucks) to let her know (since we were just talking about the crazy weather at the end of the run....dark clouds and lot's of wind picking up). Jess said she knew because it was snowing in across the street from where I was (and it wasn't snowing where I was). Too Funny. Driving home I got a blast of snow. By the time I got home there was no more snow.

I went to the baby shower. Yes I know another baby shower, but it was fun and I actually had a good time! *smiles* Ohh and there was wine!! Always a good thing. It snowed on and off while at the baby shower. It didn't stick, but it was pretty to see it coming down. We had fun games at the shower, one I had never played before (memory) and the prizes were candy based on what we were matching (college fund = 100 Grand, laundry = mounds, conception = skor)! It was great.

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