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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Somedays don't "work-out"....

So if you read my last post it said I was planning on biking or swimming this afternoon. And I was...I really really was. But my friend and sometimes workout partner Kim called and said "You don't really want to exercise today do you?, you really want to go the Tanger Outlet Mall with me right?" So my exercise consisted of walking around in the cold the decent size outlet mall, and "squeezing" in and out of clothing to see if I liked them or not. I almost came home with a BEAUTIFUL Coach bag, but alas my frugal sense kicked in and said I didn't need a $150 (I know it was a steal, right?) = 20% off purse. I did not resist the temptation of buying a pair of $10 jeans though. They fit, and although not the best color (a bit of the faded color) they will be great for the dog park! *smiles*

Tomorrow starts a new day...and a new week!! I'm planning on doing the nOg run tomorrow, if it isn't snowing that is...or maybe if it is...and if it's not that bad out. I don't like driving with the crazy out there...but I think I can drive in the snow (if there isn't to much ice). If your around you should come by and run.

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