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Friday, January 21, 2011

And the day continues...

Once Jason got home we decided to head over to our favorite wine store (WINE 101) for the Friday night tasting. We got there and tasted a little vino and enjoyed the atmosphere. It's a fun store to hang out in and there are always lots of people there for the tastings.

We then headed over to a store to get a gift for my friend's little one who is getting baptised on Sunday. I've been bad about getting things last minute lately. I was told about some pretty cool books that are great bedtime stories, however I could not find them. I found a pretty nice book at the store though and I'm happy with it.

Finally we made it to dinner. Jason was STARVING, by this point. We had a BOGO coupon for one of our favorite Mexican restaurants. We called a friend when we were on our way over (she lives close to the restaurant) to see if she wanted to join us? She had plans with another friend to try a different new restaurant, however she was tempted to join us. Below is a picture of my yummy dinner! I couldn't eat it all (half of it came home for Jason to eat I'm a terrible left over eater).

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