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Friday, January 28, 2011

Longest run since Disney Half....or even before (edit)

~A Beautiful Morning~

Nice Run today. I met up with Jess who was doing her 20-miler (before her full marathon on Feb. 19th). She started running around 6 am with another one of her friends. She got in almost 8 miles in before I met her around 8 am. We got going and had a great start to "our" run. We ran from the Tile Shop on Glenwood and Ebneezer Church up Ebneezer Church to the Grayland entrance into the park. We turned right onto the Reedy Creek trail and followed it up Graveyard Hill and down to the end, over the gravel road, over the over pass (I-40), and into N. Cary Park.

~Jess and I at her mile 15 and my mile 7 (getting into N. Cary Park)~

We went all the way up the the restrooms. Took a potty break and headed back. We went a little different way and got a little lost (but nice people helped us find our way). By the end of it all we were tired and over running. But Jess was AWESOME, she did her longest run to date and she felt great or at least good at the time. Afterwards we stretched in the parking lot and enjoyed some chocolate milk (my favorite after run drink).

~Jess and I at the end of the run enjoying some Chocolate Milk~

14.63 mile run with a .77 mile walk at the very end.

Run time of 2:55:11, with an average of 11:58/mile, fastest of 9:07/mile, Climb of 1257 feet, Calories of 1390.

I know I look like a munchkin compared to Jess...but she's like 6 foot! So I'm not crazy short, not there is anything wrong with that!!*smiles*

(Edit) - Also not my finest hour, as I forgot to change out my shoes before I left. So I wore an old (as in they've had to many miles put on them to run in) shoes for this long run. I'm feeling it now. I won't forget again!

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