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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Board of Trustee's and WINE!!

My morning started off COLD!! Brrrrr 24 degree's outside with it feeling like it was 15 degree's because of the wind, when I took Scout for his morning walk. So freezy cold. I saw my friend Chris and his sweet pup Hemingway out on our walk this morning.

I got myself ready for the Board of Trustee's meeting for the Dental Hygiene Association. Yep that's right I'm a trustee for my component (Greater Raleigh). This was my first meeting and I was a little nervous about making a mistake. I didn't though, and I think it went pretty well. It was supposed to go from 10-2pm, and in was still going on at 3pm when I made my way out of the meeting. Lot's of good info. I'm happy to know how it all works and I'm happy to be a part of the process.

After the meeting I met up with my friend Kim (of whom I was supposed to met soon after 2pm) and we drove out to Durham. I wanted to go to a tasting at a vineyard by Southpoint Mall to scope it out as a possible fundraising site. Turns out that the Vineyards at Southpoint has some pretty yummy wines. All of the grapes are from NC, not from the vineyard on site (as of yet anyways). My favorites were the red table wine a blend called Prestige, and their Cab. Sauv....I talked to the owner/wine pourer to see if they might be interested in a fundraising opportunity. He seemed to be, and I will be calling him next week to see if we can work out some details! WOO HOO!! We then went to Brandywine Cellars, a little store near Southpoint. We did a tasting there and enjoyed the wine (and some chocolate too). We had planned on going to The Wine Cellar (one of our favorites), but then remembered that Anytime Wines was having a great sale on wines today only. So we drove all the way over and through CARY (ARRRGGGHHH I HATE CARY), to find out that the reason why the sale was so good is because they are going out of business, and when we got there the store was in there was no more merchandise to sell. Hate that we drove all the way over there for nothing. Ohh well. Bye Bye Anytime Wines.

After that I took Kim home, and then came home myself to walk the sweet puppy boy. It is again FREEZING outside. Brrrrr COLD Brrrrr.

Jason was out all day looking at cars. It's a really long process. If anyone knows Jason they know it takes forever once we decide on a big purchase to actually go through with that purchase. Lot's of research and information finding before anything can happen. It's a good thing, because in the end we end up with what we actually like. Lot's of car's in the running. Whenever the "new" car happens into our life I'll have an update about it, don't expect anything for a few months - a few years!! *winks*

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