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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Cafe Capistrano

Yeah...tonight was wine club. I love wine club, but I was tired. I wanted to just sleep. I knew I wasn't going to be able to drink much (read I'm running in the morning), so ehhhh. To my wine club peeps...I miss you and I'll see you at the next meeting, or you know in the hood! *smiles*

Another looooonnnnggggg day at work. Interesting day, some cool fun thing going on, but loooonnnnnngggg. I talked to my doc about the Oral DNA testing. He seemed interested. Had a patient today that I think could of used it. How cool would it be to know, I mean really know what antibiotics are going to work for the particular bacteria causing the infection in YOUR (read individualized) mouth. *keeping my fingers crossed that we can be a part of the movement*

Jason came home from work, I heard the garage door open, I heard the car being pulled into the sounded different. Ahhh because it is different. J drove home a 2008 Acura TSX, he just has it on loan for the night to drive around and see if he likes it. It's really nice! I drove it, and about fell in LOVE! It handles beautifully. It's a manual transmission, so THANK YOU MOM and DAD FOR TEACHING ME HOW TO DRIVE!!! Still not sure it's going to be "The One", but it's a big contender. J said there is a wagon version of this car, but they just came out with it this year (2011). No way I can afford that, but WoWsA if I could!! Scout and I would be driving around in style.

So we drove over the river and through the woods...well we drove to dinner anyways. We ended up at one of our local (as in N. Raleigh) favorites. Cafe Capistrano! It is California style Mexican cuisine. Ohhh sooo Yummy! I finally gave in and got the quesadilla. It says on the menu for Big Eaters. I wasn't that hungry, but I thought no worries I can take some home with me. I got one with black beans and one with chicken (which is why in the picture there are different toothpicks in it). Well, lets just say I took most of it home with me and can't wait to eat it for lunch and maybe dinner tomorrow? (hmm, maybe some after run recovery food??). J had the empanadas. They looked great, and he said they were really good and really filling. Yum! Every time we go there we always have great food. It's pretty low key, but it's not cheap. It's mid-range on the $$ scale, but everything is fresh and FANTASTIC. Totally worth a few extra bucks!

My quesadilla, sans one piece missing

J's empanada's sans on missing

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