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Sunday, January 23, 2011

NOT Running this morning...

OMG!! It's 14 degree's outside and it feels like 14 degree's outside. BRRRRRRRR!! I just got back from taking the sweet Puppy-boy out for his morning walk and thought I might freeze to death. I had on my clothes and then my long wool jacket and scraf and a knit hat along with smartwool socks and sneakers...ohh and warm gloves (insulated and everything). Frozen Face is not a good thing.

So...sorry world I will not running this morning! It is just not going to happen. However after my full day of spending time with my good friends the Dorff's and going to Pete's baptism and celebration afterwards I'm planning on getting that run long as it's above freezing out. I lied when I said my running threshold was 20 something, it's really above freezing...nicer when it's at least in the 40's. Come on ya'll I live in the SOUTH, it's supposed to be warmer here!!

For those of you who are in colder climates (HA!) or want to run when it's Brrrrrr COLD here are some tips.

Not from me....from these people, and these people, or even these people.

(This picture was grabbed from this site....this isn't someone I know or me...just an FYI)

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  1. ohh and if someone thought it was me, who would you think I was the old guy running in shorts no top and and the heart rate monitor, or the girl bundled up with a stroller...hmmmmmm?