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Sunday, January 30, 2011

New Car....well new to us.

(Back of the Car and Happy Driver)

Jason took a road trip up to Northen Virginia with our friend Jenn, Jimmy, Nate and Pete. That was 3 adults and 2 sweet little boys (who are still in car seats) all in a Jetta driving for about 4 hours! FUN right? Well from what he said it actually was fun. It was awesome of them to bring him up to a car lot up there.

(Front of the car)

So yeah he was going to a car lot up there. We actually found a great car in Chapel Hill, but the dealership was a little proud of their car and had it priced at $2,000 more than the list price. Crazy right? Well, the exact same car (well you know same year same model same low miles) except for different color interior (gray instead of black...which I think is better anyways) was at this dealership and they seemed more reasonable about the pricing.

(Ash interior, nice and sleek)

So now we are the proud new owners of a 2008 Acura TSX. It's got a dark gray exterior, with ash (read light gray) interior. The pictures will show the full view. Side note...the shifter will be different (they had to order the one that is supposed to be on it), because the shifter wasn't in the car.

(Steering Wheel with cool features)

PS- this car is so much fun to drive!! SO MUCH FUN!! It's going to be a great commuter car for Jason.

(One of my favorite parts....heated seats!!)

Friday, January 28, 2011

Longest run since Disney Half....or even before (edit)

~A Beautiful Morning~

Nice Run today. I met up with Jess who was doing her 20-miler (before her full marathon on Feb. 19th). She started running around 6 am with another one of her friends. She got in almost 8 miles in before I met her around 8 am. We got going and had a great start to "our" run. We ran from the Tile Shop on Glenwood and Ebneezer Church up Ebneezer Church to the Grayland entrance into the park. We turned right onto the Reedy Creek trail and followed it up Graveyard Hill and down to the end, over the gravel road, over the over pass (I-40), and into N. Cary Park.

~Jess and I at her mile 15 and my mile 7 (getting into N. Cary Park)~

We went all the way up the the restrooms. Took a potty break and headed back. We went a little different way and got a little lost (but nice people helped us find our way). By the end of it all we were tired and over running. But Jess was AWESOME, she did her longest run to date and she felt great or at least good at the time. Afterwards we stretched in the parking lot and enjoyed some chocolate milk (my favorite after run drink).

~Jess and I at the end of the run enjoying some Chocolate Milk~

14.63 mile run with a .77 mile walk at the very end.

Run time of 2:55:11, with an average of 11:58/mile, fastest of 9:07/mile, Climb of 1257 feet, Calories of 1390.

I know I look like a munchkin compared to Jess...but she's like 6 foot! So I'm not crazy short, not there is anything wrong with that!!*smiles*

(Edit) - Also not my finest hour, as I forgot to change out my shoes before I left. So I wore an old (as in they've had to many miles put on them to run in) shoes for this long run. I'm feeling it now. I won't forget again!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Cafe Capistrano

Yeah...tonight was wine club. I love wine club, but I was tired. I wanted to just sleep. I knew I wasn't going to be able to drink much (read I'm running in the morning), so ehhhh. To my wine club peeps...I miss you and I'll see you at the next meeting, or you know in the hood! *smiles*

Another looooonnnnggggg day at work. Interesting day, some cool fun thing going on, but loooonnnnnngggg. I talked to my doc about the Oral DNA testing. He seemed interested. Had a patient today that I think could of used it. How cool would it be to know, I mean really know what antibiotics are going to work for the particular bacteria causing the infection in YOUR (read individualized) mouth. *keeping my fingers crossed that we can be a part of the movement*

Jason came home from work, I heard the garage door open, I heard the car being pulled into the sounded different. Ahhh because it is different. J drove home a 2008 Acura TSX, he just has it on loan for the night to drive around and see if he likes it. It's really nice! I drove it, and about fell in LOVE! It handles beautifully. It's a manual transmission, so THANK YOU MOM and DAD FOR TEACHING ME HOW TO DRIVE!!! Still not sure it's going to be "The One", but it's a big contender. J said there is a wagon version of this car, but they just came out with it this year (2011). No way I can afford that, but WoWsA if I could!! Scout and I would be driving around in style.

So we drove over the river and through the woods...well we drove to dinner anyways. We ended up at one of our local (as in N. Raleigh) favorites. Cafe Capistrano! It is California style Mexican cuisine. Ohhh sooo Yummy! I finally gave in and got the quesadilla. It says on the menu for Big Eaters. I wasn't that hungry, but I thought no worries I can take some home with me. I got one with black beans and one with chicken (which is why in the picture there are different toothpicks in it). Well, lets just say I took most of it home with me and can't wait to eat it for lunch and maybe dinner tomorrow? (hmm, maybe some after run recovery food??). J had the empanadas. They looked great, and he said they were really good and really filling. Yum! Every time we go there we always have great food. It's pretty low key, but it's not cheap. It's mid-range on the $$ scale, but everything is fresh and FANTASTIC. Totally worth a few extra bucks!

My quesadilla, sans one piece missing

J's empanada's sans on missing

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

WSJwine club

WSJwine club.

Today we got wine via FedEx. Wine from the Wall Street Journal?? WHAT? Really? Yep! Jason and I talked it over after getting some info about it. We brought our friend Kim in on the deal, and we are splitting a case at less then $70. (Edit- Actually $90 because of the shipping and handling) If the wines turn out to be yummy then we will probably continue on with the club. I'll keep you updated on it. Well I'll keep me updated on it...and if you decide to read it then you'll know!! *smiles*

William Knuttel Pinot Noir 2008 - Sonoma County, California
J Opi Malbec 2009 - Mendoza, Argentina (x2)
Celita Sangiovese 2008, Sangiovese di Romagna Superiore DOC, Italy (x2)
Parnell Esate Cabernet 2009, Alexander Valley, California
Chateau Florie Aude 2009, Bordeaux AOC, France
Schroeder Estate Cabernet 2009, Patogonia, Argentina (x2)
Il Papavero Primitivio 2008, Puglia IGT, Italy (x2)
Baron de Barbon 2008, Rioja DOC, Spain
Collezione di Paolo 2009, Rufina, Italy (x3) (BONUS)

Amazing Dental Hygiene Meeting...

Last night I went to my components meeting. I was tired, it had been a long day at the office. I really wasn't looking forward to the meeting, not because the topic didn't sound interesting, but because I was SOOO TIRED! I knew I had to go. I am the Trustee of our component so I needed to be there to give a report from the Board of Trustee meeting (that was on Saturday). I got there and went right into the meeting room and found a spot to sit, there were a lot of people there. I'm really glad I did that, I'm not sure I would of had a seat/table if I hadn't. We had a big meeting 40 + people in the room (it's kinda a small room, being renovated before the next meeting). Our dental hygiene meetings always have a continuing education segment...really that's what most of the meeting is. Last night's topic was "Innovations in Salivary Diagnosis", and the speaker was Sandra Boucher-Bessent, RDH, BS, who just happens to be the president of the North Carolina Dental Hygiene Association.

We talked about Salivary test that show's which bacteria you have that is causing your periodontitis or if you are more genetically susceptible to having periodontitis. IT WAS SO COOL!! To be able to detect the exact bacteria and to be able to prescribe the correct antibiotic to combat the bacteria. A way to keep everything under control? WOW!!! We also discussed HPV and how it is associated with Oral Cancer. Salivary testing to go along with that as well. It is so AMAZING!

I hope I can talk to my office, and see about using this technology in it. It's such an amazing process that so mind blowing, yet so simple. I love it when things like this come up. Makes me happy to be doing what I do!!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

It's TIME.

I got my last NEW set of orthotics in 2008. I finally got a set that fits into my size 9 men's running shoes. Yes I know I'm a girl. My feet are wider than average women's shoes, but wides in women's shoes are to wide....solution = Men's shoes. Ohh and I'm fully aware that I have big feet. It's probably why I swim so well (built in flippers). I've been really good about changing out my shoes. I wear them for running until....well not sure but I switch them out and they turn into walking shoes, and finally get tossed. I'm not light (poundage -wise), and that makes the shoes go judgement, just saying. (I won't put my weight on here...but for example when I was 18 (yo) I weighed 150 lbs and wore a size 3....I'm no where near that size 3 anymore *winks*).

I'm noticing that my "old" twinges are starting to come back. Post tib tendon pain, plantar fasciitis, all happening in both feet and ankles (I'm an equal opportunity body). I checked out my orthotics...and let's just say they aren't looking so great.

So it's TIME. I need to go back and get another set. Our insurance isn't the best (I miss the days when insurance would pay for things like this). I'm guessing my out of pocket expense is going to be close to $500. Is it worth it? Heck yeah, I'm planning on running a lot this year, next year, and for years to come. I need everything to be feeling good, and my orthotics have kept me in check since my original knee surgeries in 2006.

I'll keep you updated...when I "actually" go in and have them made.

Here are what my current orthotics look like:

Rips and it's probably not good that you can see all of my toe indentations.

That just isn't a good thing, it's definitely separating.

More rips and toe indentations...looks like a trend here.

A view of both of them with all the separation and rips happening.

And a pair of my favorite shoes...Asics Gel Kayano 16 - the weigh in at about $150 a pop. (I happen to get this pair for $40, a STEAL, while buying I think 8 pairs of shoes- between multiple people- at a race).

Oh and yeah I don't tie my shoes, I started using the toggles when I started doing Tri's in 2005. Easier to transition when you don't have to "tie" your shoes.

Special Day for little Love(s) in my life.

Today was Pete's (lovingly called Pedro, by me) baptism. Jason and I made our way to the church and got to sit in the front row with Jimmy (Dad), Jenn (Mom) was up in the choir loft, Nate (big brother -2 1/2), Pete (the star), Uncle Steve, Aunt Katie, and baby cousin Ellie. Jane (Mom mom aka Grandma) got there a little late and sat in the pew behind us, along with a couple of her friends. The service was nice, I actually enjoy going to this church- the message is easy and spoken nicely.

Nate after church checking out the hand bells (Jenn/Mom plays them)

Pete and Nate did GREAT in "BIG CHURCH" today. Nate had a backpack full of his "baby" cars (aka: matchbox cars), and played quietly with them. Pete was just wonderful throughout the service and the baptism, he didn't cry, he cooed a little and he had the hiccups for a little bit. Baby cousin Ellie was very good too, she just slept through everything.

Pete after church - he is such an angel

After the church service we went over to Jane's (aka: Mom Mom/ Grandma) house. This family: my friend Jenn her husband, her boys, her Mom is like a second family to Jason and myself. We LOVE them all so much. They have welcomed us into their lives and them into ours. It makes me happy to have them in my life!

Pete at Jane's house playing with the lids/stealing the show!

NOT Running this morning...

OMG!! It's 14 degree's outside and it feels like 14 degree's outside. BRRRRRRRR!! I just got back from taking the sweet Puppy-boy out for his morning walk and thought I might freeze to death. I had on my clothes and then my long wool jacket and scraf and a knit hat along with smartwool socks and sneakers...ohh and warm gloves (insulated and everything). Frozen Face is not a good thing.

So...sorry world I will not running this morning! It is just not going to happen. However after my full day of spending time with my good friends the Dorff's and going to Pete's baptism and celebration afterwards I'm planning on getting that run long as it's above freezing out. I lied when I said my running threshold was 20 something, it's really above freezing...nicer when it's at least in the 40's. Come on ya'll I live in the SOUTH, it's supposed to be warmer here!!

For those of you who are in colder climates (HA!) or want to run when it's Brrrrrr COLD here are some tips.

Not from me....from these people, and these people, or even these people.

(This picture was grabbed from this site....this isn't someone I know or me...just an FYI)

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Board of Trustee's and WINE!!

My morning started off COLD!! Brrrrr 24 degree's outside with it feeling like it was 15 degree's because of the wind, when I took Scout for his morning walk. So freezy cold. I saw my friend Chris and his sweet pup Hemingway out on our walk this morning.

I got myself ready for the Board of Trustee's meeting for the Dental Hygiene Association. Yep that's right I'm a trustee for my component (Greater Raleigh). This was my first meeting and I was a little nervous about making a mistake. I didn't though, and I think it went pretty well. It was supposed to go from 10-2pm, and in was still going on at 3pm when I made my way out of the meeting. Lot's of good info. I'm happy to know how it all works and I'm happy to be a part of the process.

After the meeting I met up with my friend Kim (of whom I was supposed to met soon after 2pm) and we drove out to Durham. I wanted to go to a tasting at a vineyard by Southpoint Mall to scope it out as a possible fundraising site. Turns out that the Vineyards at Southpoint has some pretty yummy wines. All of the grapes are from NC, not from the vineyard on site (as of yet anyways). My favorites were the red table wine a blend called Prestige, and their Cab. Sauv....I talked to the owner/wine pourer to see if they might be interested in a fundraising opportunity. He seemed to be, and I will be calling him next week to see if we can work out some details! WOO HOO!! We then went to Brandywine Cellars, a little store near Southpoint. We did a tasting there and enjoyed the wine (and some chocolate too). We had planned on going to The Wine Cellar (one of our favorites), but then remembered that Anytime Wines was having a great sale on wines today only. So we drove all the way over and through CARY (ARRRGGGHHH I HATE CARY), to find out that the reason why the sale was so good is because they are going out of business, and when we got there the store was in there was no more merchandise to sell. Hate that we drove all the way over there for nothing. Ohh well. Bye Bye Anytime Wines.

After that I took Kim home, and then came home myself to walk the sweet puppy boy. It is again FREEZING outside. Brrrrr COLD Brrrrr.

Jason was out all day looking at cars. It's a really long process. If anyone knows Jason they know it takes forever once we decide on a big purchase to actually go through with that purchase. Lot's of research and information finding before anything can happen. It's a good thing, because in the end we end up with what we actually like. Lot's of car's in the running. Whenever the "new" car happens into our life I'll have an update about it, don't expect anything for a few months - a few years!! *winks*

Friday, January 21, 2011

And the day continues...

Once Jason got home we decided to head over to our favorite wine store (WINE 101) for the Friday night tasting. We got there and tasted a little vino and enjoyed the atmosphere. It's a fun store to hang out in and there are always lots of people there for the tastings.

We then headed over to a store to get a gift for my friend's little one who is getting baptised on Sunday. I've been bad about getting things last minute lately. I was told about some pretty cool books that are great bedtime stories, however I could not find them. I found a pretty nice book at the store though and I'm happy with it.

Finally we made it to dinner. Jason was STARVING, by this point. We had a BOGO coupon for one of our favorite Mexican restaurants. We called a friend when we were on our way over (she lives close to the restaurant) to see if she wanted to join us? She had plans with another friend to try a different new restaurant, however she was tempted to join us. Below is a picture of my yummy dinner! I couldn't eat it all (half of it came home for Jason to eat I'm a terrible left over eater).


Did I get everything I wanted to get done today? NO.

Did I still have an AWESOME day? Sure did.

Scout got his morning walk this morning, we took a different route because....well just because. Scout had a great time. It was a little chilly out but not to bad. The wind was blowing but not terrrible.

I did some dishes and laundry. I worked on some ideas for fundraising (lot's of idea's in the making). I figured out that I'm missing my new health insurance card (arrrggghhh), but I still have my old one and it should work.

I drove out to the mall to get my bike seat looked at (it is peeling- weird I know), and to see if they could replace it. Good news...they can and will call me when it comes in. I left my bike at Trysports and went and did a 7 mile run. It was still kinda chilly, and the wind was still blowing (15 mph) and I was by myself. It was an AWESOME run. The best pace I've had EVER. I think. I'm really happy with my run. Average pace 9:44, Fastest pace 7:34, Climb 266, Calories 907. I'm still running 4 minutes and walk 1:20.

Afterwards I came home (after I got my bike) and took a shower and ate some lunch. Then I went over to my friend Wendy's house and hung out with her for awhile. We had a nice time chatting and catching up.

When I got home I read this blog post and I thought it was AWESOME way to think about things.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

January 19th...

Yesterday was a crazy day. Not a bad day. Just BUSY BUSY!! Long day at work, that seemed to take forever. A really long drive home. A nice walk with the pup. A quick call from the hubby. Dinner brought home and eaten. Vegged in front of the TV for a bit. We (J and I) were supposed to do the next insanity DVD. We didn't. J made a comment like, maybe he'll just do one a week! HAhaHA!! Of course it doesn't work that way! Not sure how well we are going to be doing with the Insanity.

Today. Well today I had plans to run, and it was BEAUTIFUL out today (almost 60 degrees out), but my friend I was going to run with wasn't feeling good so she bailed (hope you feel better Jess), and I lost my motivation. Arrrggghhh. Well really what happened was that I did the Insanity DVD that we were supposed to do yesterday, and now my post-tib tendons are SCREAMING at me. Yeah...hmmm. I knew there was a reason why I didn't want to do to many plyometrics too quickly. It wasn't terrible, but I'm feeling my right ankle/post tib tendon when I'm doing NOTHING. I might continue being stupid and keep doing the insanity, or I might give it up and just keep running and add in more biking and swimming (like what I'm supposed to be doing).

I went to the grocery store today. Yep. If you know me you know I HATE going to the grocery store. However it was getting desperate. I got some fruits (apples, oranges, bananas), some milk, some lunches, some breakfast stuff, you know stuff. I came home put stuff away and took the pup out for a great walk in the great weather. Now I'm just waiting for J to come home so we can go look at some cars. WOO HOO (sarcastically said). We are trying to figure out which car we are replacing and with what it's being replaced. We'll see what happens.

Monday, January 17, 2011

J's Birthday..

So today we celebrated J's birthday. His parents were here celebrating with us, and went home today to beat the weather (it's supposed to start snowing there tonight). We went for a run today with Scout. We went around the neighborhood and tried out a new route that I wanted to see would work for a possible fundraising run. The weather channel said it was 48 but felt like it was 44 degrees out, it felt colder than that out to me though. J and I thought we would be fine with shorts and short sleeves on. Thankfully I had made a last minute decision to wear gloves...that was helpful! When we got home from the run we watched a movie (Shutter Island - instant que from Netflix), then we put in the INSANITY dvd and did the fit test. It's gonna be a little crazy around here for awhile...maybe more like it's going to be INSANE.

I'm not sure how much of the Insanity I'll actually do. I'm worried about all the plyometrics with it. I don't want to blow out my knees especially with this year being a big year for running for me. I'll keep you updated on it though, from what I do do. YIKES!! It's gonna be HARD.

We went to dinner tonight at the Village Grill...and newer place up the street from us. It was really nice. Then we stopped into Antonio's Gourmet Market to see if they had any dessert's Jason would like. He picked out a White Chocolate Torte, and it was pretty okay. I think the best thing I found there (so far) was the Hazelnut Hot Chocolate! YUM!!

All in All a FANTASTIC DAY....and a Monday at that. Also a great end to a FUN weekend.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Peddler Steakhouse

Last night we went to the Peddler Steakhouse for Supper Club/ Jason's Birthday. The Steakhouse was different than what I expected, but is a Raleigh institution. The food was great, and we even had the "Peddler" come out to cut the steaks for our table. We had 2 bottles of wine, both of which were very good and not to expensive. YAY. So overall it was a good night.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Another Long Run...

Got up early today to run with Jess who was doing her 14-16 mile run this morning. Planned on being there for her last 10 miles, however she got a late start so she ran a little before and then we took off and did the 10 miles. The big block again, and it's always beautiful!

10.35 miles done today, and 1 hour and 48 minutes later I was happy to be finished....and Jess went on and did 3 more. She is a ROCKSTAR!

Thursday, January 13, 2011


So after not working most of the week, because of the snow/ice... (As in I didn't work on Tuesday (one of my normal days to work) and didn't have any temp jobs come in) I worked today. It was a long day. I didn't get out until 5:30, and with my day starting at 7:15 it makes for a long day. I came home and walked the pup in the cold. I did use my headlamp tonight. I know I should be using it for running, but it came in handy for the walk it does get dark. Jason got home a little after I got back from walking Scout, and now he's cooking dinner. YAY! I love that he cooks! It really makes me happy!

I have a half day of work tomorrow (trying to make up for the snow/ice day). I have a doctor's appointment. I need to take the bikes in the have them serviced (better to have them ready to ride, in case the weather breaks!!). I have some scrapbooking to do with the girls (who I haven't seen in like FOREVER...and I miss a ton). Ohh and I should probably work on cleaning up the house some more (but I probably won't).

But WHY oh WHY am I SOOOO TIRED!! It's crazy! Hopefully I'll get a good nights sleep tonight and tomorrow I'll feel all better! It's either that or I'm getting sick...which honestly I just don't have time to do.

It could be that I have done any working out this week (minus one pilates session). Hmmmmm I'll have to think about that some more.

Anyways...that's why I'm not posting as much lately...but I'll get to it when I have more to post and am not so sleepy.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Not much Snow, but lot's of ICE!

Yesterday I posted about not having any speak of. But it did start sleeting and it did that throughout the night. Fortunately there were no power outages (at least not directly around us) from the storm. Always nice to stay warm. The icy conditions did however close schools and businesses, and most people stayed home from work today. Good thing because the roads were pretty terrible this morning. I walked Scout in the morning and it was treacherous! It was like ice-skating, with a dog that has four wheel drive and low to the ground suspension. *winks*

The morning turned to afternoon, and the roads got a little better, as in slushy but no longer really icy....but it was still cold out. J and I went out and got some lunch at Qdoba (we had a BOGO), which was happy happy. Afterwards we decided to wander over to the car dealerships near by and take a look at some of the cars. At the Hyundai dealership we looked at the: Sonata, Elantra, Elantra hatchback, Santa Fe, and Tucson; and at the Nissan dealership we looked at the: Rogue, Sentra, and Altima. No test driving today, the road conditions are not suitable for driving (brand new cars). It was nice to sit in all the cars and get a feel for them.

We came home and walked the sweet puppy boy. It's getting colder out and that means everything is going to re-freeze. Tomorrow morning is going to be another crazy morning...but will hopefully warm up quickly!! I've got stuff to do tomorrow!! *smiles*
Me and Scout on the walk this the lake and in all the frozen mess.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Frustrating day of NO SNOW!!

So all my plans have been canceled because of this big storm we are supposed to be getting. We are supposed to be having snow and ice...and overall ick. So's just cold out. No precipitation at all. At least not here in N. Raleigh. So I'm kinda bummed that my run was canceled and work tomorrow is canceled (my dentist canceled the day in case of the weather), and you know all that. I wouldn't mind so much except I actually was looking forward to running's been a long time since I've done the nog run and I thought I had a pretty good group of peeps coming out. I like working (most of the time) and I LOVE getting paid. Yeah, it's nice to get a paycheck. Ahh, but there you go.

Once Jason got home we took Scout for another walk....3rd one today. At the end of the walk there was a tiny little bit of sleet happening. Tiny little bit.

Scout and Jason on the walk

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Somedays don't "work-out"....

So if you read my last post it said I was planning on biking or swimming this afternoon. And I was...I really really was. But my friend and sometimes workout partner Kim called and said "You don't really want to exercise today do you?, you really want to go the Tanger Outlet Mall with me right?" So my exercise consisted of walking around in the cold the decent size outlet mall, and "squeezing" in and out of clothing to see if I liked them or not. I almost came home with a BEAUTIFUL Coach bag, but alas my frugal sense kicked in and said I didn't need a $150 (I know it was a steal, right?) = 20% off purse. I did not resist the temptation of buying a pair of $10 jeans though. They fit, and although not the best color (a bit of the faded color) they will be great for the dog park! *smiles*

Tomorrow starts a new day...and a new week!! I'm planning on doing the nOg run tomorrow, if it isn't snowing that is...or maybe if it is...and if it's not that bad out. I don't like driving with the crazy out there...but I think I can drive in the snow (if there isn't to much ice). If your around you should come by and run.

Cold Morning....brrr

Went to the dogpark this morning to see if Scout could not eat mulch the whole time. When I looked at the temps before I went I almost decided not to was 19 degree, which means like 15 degrees or less. It always feels colder in the dogpark. Scout did great, he had lot's of great dogs to play with and he had a fantastic time! There was frozen slobber on most of the dogs and Scout even had frozen whiskers.

Thinking about riding my bike a little's only getting up to 40 degrees today, but I miss my bike! I really miss my bike, so I may brave the cold for at least a short ride!!*winks*


Saturday, January 8, 2011

Great 10 miles this morning...along with crazy weather and the rest of the day!!

So today I met up with Jess and a couple of her friends for the 10 mile big block run! It felt good to get out there and do my 10 miles. The girls are great! The "new" girls were quick, but I think they still had a good time even though they had to wait for Jess and I. I still did the run 4 min run, 1:20 min walk, the awesome thing is when we finished I still felt great (I did have a moment where I had some "weak" legs) but the overall pace was GREAT (for me) 10:35. I definitely love running in the winter.

Jess, Me (in my new running jacket and tights), Casey, Kerri

Before I started running I had gotten a call from one my Special Olympics buddies. One of our swimmer's Dad's had passed way on the 1st, and an email went out about a memorial service that was happening today. I somehow didn't get the email so my friend was calling me to let me know. I'm sad I wasn't able to attend, but I sent along my condolences. Our swimmer is going to be moving out of state to live with his mother's family. We will both him and his Dad.

After the run I needed to go to Target and get my gift card for the baby shower I was going to (right after I got home and got clean). I should of done it sooner, but didn't. I left the girls after we took our picture at the end of the run, and went over to Target (across the street). I talked to my husband on the phone (because he called right at the end of my run) and he said it was snowing like crazy at home. I called Jess (who was still across the street at Starbucks) to let her know (since we were just talking about the crazy weather at the end of the run....dark clouds and lot's of wind picking up). Jess said she knew because it was snowing in across the street from where I was (and it wasn't snowing where I was). Too Funny. Driving home I got a blast of snow. By the time I got home there was no more snow.

I went to the baby shower. Yes I know another baby shower, but it was fun and I actually had a good time! *smiles* Ohh and there was wine!! Always a good thing. It snowed on and off while at the baby shower. It didn't stick, but it was pretty to see it coming down. We had fun games at the shower, one I had never played before (memory) and the prizes were candy based on what we were matching (college fund = 100 Grand, laundry = mounds, conception = skor)! It was great.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Good Deal at Costco

So the other thing I found at Costco was a great deal on Sonicare toothbrushes, especially if you don't mind opening a box and splitting the contents up. Sonicare is my favorite toothbrush and one I recommend to patients and friends. I love finding it at a great deal. With this deal it would be less than $50 a person/family. 2 handles, 2 chargers, 2 travel cases, 3 brush heads (okay you can't split those evenly...but whatever).

Also had a pretty good deal on replacement heads: $44.99 for 7 replacement heads. Even when I get a professional price it's not that low. WOW!!

So go to Costco and get a Sonicare! Your mouth and your dental hygienist will thank you for it!

Another trip to COSTCO!!

Another day another trip to favorite warehouse store!! *smiles*

Well it's actually been awhile since I made my way to Costco. Lucky me I found all the things on that were on the list. It's always better if I make a list. If I stay to the list I don't stray away and buy to many things. Of course even when I have a list I stray....cause it's Costco.

So I got all the list stuff, and then I got this little baby.

It's a Bissell steam cleaner (spot version). After the last post you'll know why I think I need one. Well I worked on that spot, and it is almost not there. Plus I worked on some other stains on the carpet (gatorade on the step, some other thing on the step, the 3 different spots from when I had my neighbors dog -who always throws up when he's at our house, and always on the carpet, and some spots from the Super Bowl party a couple of years ago). Yeah...I've been kinda waiting for one of these!! *winks* Some of the spots are GONE, and most of the ones that have been there awhile, are less noticeable. I don't expect miracles. However NOW, I have the tool to take care of the stains! WOO HOO!!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Why do you wake up in the middle of the night?

Last night I feel asleep pretty quickly. I have to say I was pretty tired and ready to rid myself of the day. I zonked, as I do most night as soon as my head hit the pillow. So what woke me up in the middle of the night/morning? Something that would wake any Mom up. Not that I'm a Mom, well at least not in the traditional way. To hear your child being sick, puking his/her guts out....makes you jump up and go to comfort them. That what woke me up last night. Poor Scout had been munching on to many "yummies" at the dog park (mulch, and whatever else is found on the ground at the dog park...let's not talk about it to much). Apparently the best time to get sick is the middle of the night. I've been pretty lucky with Scout, he doesn't get sick often (he used to never eat the dog park either), and when he does he is usually on tile or hardwood clean up is pretty easy. Dogs are kinda gross because right after they puke something up they just want to eat it. GROSS, I know, so I had to convince my "little" guy that he really didn't need to eat it, so I could get the cleaning supplies to clean it all up. I have to say I didn't think the stain would come out of the carpet, but after leaving the carpet cleaner on the spot all last night and today, it's pretty much gone. Thank you Resolve Carpet Cleaner! I had reach under the bed to comfort him after I cleaned everything up the best I could because he went and hid under the bed. Poor guy!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I made some cards!

I've had a few donations made to my fundraising sites and I decided to design my thank you cards. At least the first version of them. I love paper crafting! I'm glad I get to be creative and send my thanks to people. So if you have already made a donation to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, or the American Cancer Society (the links are on the Right hand side of this blog) you will be getting one of these bad boys. You might not get the same one later, but I promise it will be cool!! *smiles*

Running today with Jess!

I did a nice 6.75 mile run today with Jess. WOO HOO!! We met up at Crabtree Mall and followed the greenway trail to the end, and then back and to North Hills drive, and back! I'd just like to say that it was BLISS running in the middle of the day on a Wednesday! Yes I know I'm lucky (and unlucky) to only be working 2 days a week consistently. That means I get to go out and run with there is daylight. I feel really lucky when someone else can run with me! Jess and I are matched pretty well, as she and I are close to the same pace! Most of my friends who run are fast-ies! It's hard to run with the fast peeps.

Running is so AWESOME!! I love it. I still don't know how this happened but...WOW!!

Monday, January 3, 2011

The last couple of days!

Saturday I was supposed to run, but I didn't. I don't think I was ever truly awake on New Years Day. So I thought I would run yesterday (Sunday), but the rain went crazy and downpourish so Kim and I just went and got a bagel. (I know probably not the best in lieu of not running...but great that I still got to spend time with my friend). Yesterday I did go to the Gym with other friends/ sadistic type people, who asked (made) me to a 2 hour and 40 minute workout. We did an hour of spinning....with some great intensity (pyramid from 1-5 and back down with 2 minutes easy in between), then an hour of lunge/core work (FUN...not), and then just because some upper body weight work. I have not done weights in I don't know how long, and I have don't done anything upper body in awhile (including swimming). And of course some stretching. Plus we went and had "lunch/dinner" afterwards so it was nice to hang a little without all the pain involvement. I woke up today with a "curse word"/ friends name on my mind. OUCH! I am feeling yesterdays workout.

I took Scout to the dog park this morning. We haven't been since the highlander hit the wheel in the middle of 540. Rental car place said no dogs in their cars, and since it took 3 1/2 weeks to "fix" my car, then the holidays hit with travel and whatnot, we just hadn't been in awhile. Scout had a blast running around with some of the dogs, especially Tekva (sp?) a black standard poodle. After awhile though he thought the dog park had turned into a buffet, and I was getting cold and tired of chasing him around to take junk out of his mouth and telling him no. So we came home.

This picture is not from today...but I thought the posted needed some pic. If it where today the ground would look crunchy because it was that cold!

Now I was COLD and SORE, but I had already told Kim that I would meet her for a mid-day run at her work. So I got myself together (eat some breakfast) and went out to meet Kim. The ride out was great. The sun was shining and heating up the car so nice. I almost thought I had to many layers on for this run, until I got out of the car and realized...Nope it's still cold. It was 11 am and 37 degrees out. However the sun was shining! YAHOO!! Kim and I did 3 miles around NC State Campus, and then stretched a little.

I was hungry! I stopped at Chick-fil-a. It's a weakness of mine. I ordered strips and fries and a large coke light ice. All bad choices. I feel it now too. I gave up soda because it started making my stomach hurt. It's pretty easy to give something up that makes you hurt, but then again.... So I gave up soda for awhile, and then every once in awhile I'd try it again and it would be okay, and then it wouldn't, and then it would...and sometimes it wouldn't but I didn't care (WHAT?? I's weird). So really no more soda for me. It really does hurt. Really should be no more grease either. Ugggghhhh.

I came home and putzed around a little, worked on housework stuff. Did a 40 minute pilates routine via the Core Challenge DVD. It was hard, and made worse by my stomach not feeling good from lunch and my body not feeling good from all the work it had yesterday! I did the best I could....which means I didn't get all (or rather any) teasers in, but I tried and that's what counts for now. This workout also had planks and lot's of great (crazy) core stuff. I don't think I'd put this DVD in yet so it was something new and different.

Productive?? Yep, even with the slip of food.

Tired? No doubt!

Next up? I need to work on designing my thank you cards for donations (seeing as I've already had 3 donations come in and haven't said thanks yet). That entails me picking up my craft area and sitting down to think about designs. Here I go!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Gym Time..

My friend Ruth invited me and a couple of other friends to do a workout with her today. It was raining and gross outside so we all came. We did an hour of spinning, then about an hour of lunges and core work, and about 40 minutes of weights. was just one of those days! Am I going to be sore tomorrow?? Sure am! Is it worth it? Completely!!*smiles*

Hour of spinning included a "fun" pyramid of 1-2-3-4-5-4-3-2-1 hard spins. I don't love the spin bike seats, I like my bike seats better. I'm picky like that though.