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Sunday, January 23, 2011

It's TIME.

I got my last NEW set of orthotics in 2008. I finally got a set that fits into my size 9 men's running shoes. Yes I know I'm a girl. My feet are wider than average women's shoes, but wides in women's shoes are to wide....solution = Men's shoes. Ohh and I'm fully aware that I have big feet. It's probably why I swim so well (built in flippers). I've been really good about changing out my shoes. I wear them for running until....well not sure but I switch them out and they turn into walking shoes, and finally get tossed. I'm not light (poundage -wise), and that makes the shoes go judgement, just saying. (I won't put my weight on here...but for example when I was 18 (yo) I weighed 150 lbs and wore a size 3....I'm no where near that size 3 anymore *winks*).

I'm noticing that my "old" twinges are starting to come back. Post tib tendon pain, plantar fasciitis, all happening in both feet and ankles (I'm an equal opportunity body). I checked out my orthotics...and let's just say they aren't looking so great.

So it's TIME. I need to go back and get another set. Our insurance isn't the best (I miss the days when insurance would pay for things like this). I'm guessing my out of pocket expense is going to be close to $500. Is it worth it? Heck yeah, I'm planning on running a lot this year, next year, and for years to come. I need everything to be feeling good, and my orthotics have kept me in check since my original knee surgeries in 2006.

I'll keep you updated...when I "actually" go in and have them made.

Here are what my current orthotics look like:

Rips and it's probably not good that you can see all of my toe indentations.

That just isn't a good thing, it's definitely separating.

More rips and toe indentations...looks like a trend here.

A view of both of them with all the separation and rips happening.

And a pair of my favorite shoes...Asics Gel Kayano 16 - the weigh in at about $150 a pop. (I happen to get this pair for $40, a STEAL, while buying I think 8 pairs of shoes- between multiple people- at a race).

Oh and yeah I don't tie my shoes, I started using the toggles when I started doing Tri's in 2005. Easier to transition when you don't have to "tie" your shoes.

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