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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Wine Club Holiday Party 2010

Last night was the Wine Club's Holiday Party! Was the party AWESOME??? Of course it was! Was I hung over? Yep, lot's of red wine does that. Did I miss my 10 mile run today...yep I sure did. Was it worth it? TOTALLY!

In 2008 I pretty much gave up drinking wine while I was training for my marathon. I vowed I wouldn't do that again. I want to still train and do races, but I also want to enjoy the other things in my life like WINE and food, without going overboard. Was last night overboard...sure it was. Does it happen all the time? No way, I don't live my life out of control....usually.

Black tongue and purple teeth was how I ended my the pictures you can tell the red wine drinkers vs the white wine drinkers....those of us who enjoy our red have purple teeth and black tongues, those white drinkers just have goofy looks on their faces!!*winks*

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