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Wednesday, December 15, 2010


My addiction to FACEBOOK, had gotten a little out of hand. I love checking in to see what's happening with all my friends, especially those I don't get to see that often anymore....but I find myself compelled to go hang out in FACEBOOK world for far more time that I'm willing to tell anyone. I've decided that I'm going to test myself and not get on facebook for the duration of the year. YIKES...that's going to be hard.

My run's will update because I have my runmeter set to show up on facebook, and people can still "talk" to me on the runs from that link, I may get everything everyone says, because it just starts talking to me. So I guess if you talk to me on facebook I'll get it when I run!!*winks* And my dailymile status will update, because I'll set that up too. As for pics etc, you'll have to wait to see the fun until the new year, or come back here or to my other blog.

I'll let you know how I'm doing with it all!


  1. so are you going through withdrawals yet?

    I too had to cut way back on FB. It sucked me in and but I got out. I only check a couple of times a week now.

    I know you can do it!

  2. Totally going through withdrawls...and lurking a little. I really should just be off the computer entirely....but calls to me. I'm gonna keep working at it. I just feel like I'm missing out if I'm not on Facebook, where everyone posts everything...but then I think I can just find out big deal!!*winks*