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Monday, December 27, 2010

Scout Loves the Snow!!

We came to Virginia for Christmas this year and the snow didn't disappoint....another White Christmas for me! *smiles* Although we didn't get as much snow as those back home (in Raleigh, NC...4-8"), Scout loves to get out and run around in the snow. As my previous post shows, Scout and I went for an actual run in the snow on Christmas morning, but since then he's been out playing in the snow a bunch of times. I got some video of him sniffing around the snow, but as soon as I but the phone (video in the phone) down he would run around like a mad man. I love seeing him act like a puppy again, it puts a smile on my face! Today the snow has stopped, but the wind has picked up. I was planning on a run this morning, but after the dog-walk, I think we can hold of until tomorrow - gusts of 22+mph winds makes it not fun to run.

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