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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Savannah Trip!

Just got back from a really fun trip to Savannah Georgia! My first time to the "dirty south". Or rather the Eastern version of the Dirty South.

Chris under the SOTB sign
It started with a stop at South of the Border. I've driven past this cheesy "rest stop" a bunch of times going down to Charleston, but I've never stopped. Well I did this time. We just used the restrooms, which were clean and just fine despite what I've heard about them, and took a few pictures.

me with Pedro
Chris and the Buffalo
Me climbing the Giraffe
Me with the Buffalo
We stopped at Fatz and ate our lunch, and the went to a Stuckey's Gas and "crap" store. Stuckey's had a Dairy Queen inside and so we decide to have a little ice cream treat to take down the road. As it turns out that was a big mistake. Mild case of food poisoning happened after that. We survived, but it was a rough night for me, and a rough morning for Chris.

Once we got to Savannah, we went to packet pickup and the "expo" for the bridge run (that took about 5 minutes of our time), and then went to the Visitors Center (that closed up as we were trying to get across the street). Then we went to the hotel and got checked in. Our hotel was the farthest possible away from everything and still be on the "good" side of town. So we got a lot of walking in, but the good thing about Savannah, it's not that big, and easy to walk.

The first night (Friday) we went to a place called Jazz'd that the dentist that I work for recommended. I have to say Chris and I were impressed. After a quick trip to the ladies room (food poisoning from DQ) I was ready to enjoy my evening. It was a tapas restaurant and bar. Live Jazz music (later in the evening then we were there). Only thing I didn't like about it was it was a little smokey. (North Carolina finally passed the no smoking in the workplace law, which means bars and restaurants as well - Georgia has not, apparently) They had a great deal of Tapas for two, each person got a drink (soft drink or coffee/tea), soup or salad, and dessert, and you shared 4 tapas for $60! It was FANTASTIC! I got the black bean soup, and Chris got the she crab soup, we shared lamb chops with garlic and rosemary garnished with a Mediterranean salsa, beef shoulder tender w/ potatoes au gratin, chevre stuffed chicken breast, and the best of all baked cheese Terra Cotta plate
Terra Cotta Baked Cheese Plate
which had wesleyndale, fontania, brie, and a soft goat cheese- w/ apples, grapes, bread, and roasted garlic). Then for dessert we had a bread pudding that was soooo good, and a creme brulee that was super yummy.

Saturday we got and ran the bridge (you can read about it in my other blog), and then went back to the hotel to rest a little bit. Then went back into Savannah and shopped and had lunch. Lunch was suggested to us by the great people at the Grateful Hound (where I bought Scout some treats). We went to a little French Sandwich shop around the corner. OMG it was so GOOD! I can't remember the name of the sandwich, but so fab
Ohh and the acorn/butternut squash soup super yummy as well. When the food came out I thought I wouldn't be able to eat it all, and Chris said he'd carry around my leftover's but as it turned out all he would of had to carry would of been this...and how silly would that of looked? (just carrying the fork with one bite left)
Chris ready to carry my leftovers around Savannah
Dinner on Saturday was at the Bohemian Hotel (Rocks on the Roof). It wasn't the best dinner EVER, but the food was good. Our server was great, and we got a little show as the table behind us was carded and cleared out by security. How do you have a purse but no ID?? hmmmm. I had a few yummy drinks on Saturday night, which included a margarita, a white russian made with tequila instead of vodka, and a very sweet funky monkey (chocolate/banana martini), Chris had 1 glass of wine....but he drank about half of all my drinks so it worked out. Ohh and did I mention we sat outside, and could see the bridge we ran across that morning as we were eating and drinking? Yeah, pretty much a great night!
View from Rocks Rooftop
Sunday we got up and headed back to Starbucks (I didn't include all of the times we went to Starbucks....but it was a lot, but the Starbucks in Savannah is pretty cool). This Starbucks has a clover machine, which isn't that cool for non-coffee drinking people (like me), but Chris was ready to have a coffee orgasm right in the middle of store. For those of you who want to know more about the clover system here is a link to the clover. I, of course had hot chocolate and chai latte for my drinks at Starbucks. Then we got on the road and drove back to Raleigh, where it had snowed on Saturday (a unheard of thing for December, and especially early December). No snow on the roadways when we got into town and only a little on some of the grassy areas. Ohh did I mention that it was 68 degrees in Savannah on Saturday after the run. Yeah it was a nice little trip!

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