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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Rough Night...working into a better day.

Ever wonder what people really think about you?? Don't! Live in your own little world and let the rest of the world just go by. That's my advice. No...not really. It's good to find out things that you need to work on. It's hard to work on things you don't know about. I'm having that difficulty right now. Not sure how to make a few situations in my life better. Don't know how to work on them, don't know what to do. For now I'm just leaving them alone.

I found out last night some things that hurt my feelings. We could say that I'm being overly sensitive right now, it being the holidays and having some strife in my life, and I guess we will. It's hard to have your feelings hurt by the ones you have come to depend on, it hurts. So after almost getting the heck out of dodge last night....I'm here to say that I'm working on making today a better day.

I woke up to another COLD morning, took Scout out for his walk temp was 24 degrees that felt like 10 degrees (according to the weather channel app on my iPhone). I got to see the pretty sunrise with gorgeous colors across the morning sky. I got my cheeks blasted with crazy wind and I made it back to the house to get Scout his breakfast.

I spent a lot of time downstairs looking at stuff on the computer this morning, staying out of the way and away from everyone upstairs. I'm embarrassed about last night (I was packing my bags up to leave), but I still think I was right, so I'm still angry and trying not to be. The house is empty now except for me and Scout (everyone else running around doing errands and whatnot) and I got a Pilate's session in...THANK YOU DVDs! I feel a little bit better, but not super great (as you can probably tell by this post).

My goal is to try and make a positive out of the situation. Try not to dwell on the negative and see what the outcome is. Apologises were made last night, but my feelings are still very hurt. Working on it...I'm working on it.

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