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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Supper Club...

Supper Club was Amazing...yet again!

Ohh what is supper club? It's just where a group of friends decided to get together and go out for an AWESOME meal once a month. It can be hard to find the right people to have supper club with, not everyone enjoys the same kind of food and wine. Not everyone wants to pay for it (I know I don't want to pay for it either, but it is so worth it). Not everyone has the time to hang out in an adult setting and enjoy friend's company. It's okay...not everyone is ready for this kind of supper club....but Jason and I and our friends....we are. Being childless and able to afford a really good meal every now and then makes our supper club AWESOME!

Last night we went to Flemming's Steakhouse at Crabtree Valley Mall. I know eating at the Mall, but Flemming's is really one of our favorite places. If you don't like to eat meat, in particular a perfect cut of fillet minion that melts in your mouth, no need visit Flemming's. Our choice to go to Flemming's was prompted by us having a ton of free corkage cards so we could bring our own fabulous wine to enjoy our meal with. This group of friends does not disappoint and we opened and drank 5 bottles of fantastic wine during our evening at Flemming's. Thanks to free corkage that saved us $100 (plus if we bought the wine there it would of been crazy is always more expensive in the restaurant).

Sorry for the not so great pics...I left my camera at home and my iPhone is the older (3GS), and doesn't have any flash. The restaurant was dark.

Thank-you to Kim, Frank, Amber, Jen and Dathan for another Fab night out with Supper Club!

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