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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Morning Run in the Snow!

What a wonderful morning. I woke up to it snowing here in Virginia. Yet again I get to have a "white" Christmas. The snow was falling in small flakes, but it was starting to stick just a little. I took Scout out for his morning walk and we enjoyed getting snowed on. The flakes got a little bigger, but it wasn't coming down to hard. Scout did all his Morning Business and we came back to the house.

I started thinking, it's not to bad out right now, and I don't know what it's going to turn into. Hmmm...if I go run right now I can get it out of the way and I'll be sure to get it in. I went into the bedroom and grabbed all my running stuff and got myself ready. I asked Jason if he wanted to come, but he was still cozy in bed. I took Scout with me, knowing that I wouldn't get 8 miles in with him, but I thought I could squeeze out at least 5 with him.

We took off and had a FABULOUS run! It was AWESOME running in the snow. I was probably trying extra hard to make sure I didn't slip on anything that my jaw hurts now from clenching so much. I did the Turkey Trot route with some extra loops, and Scout and I just ran around in the snow. At the end I took a quick picture to show we did it.

We got back just as everyone was getting up for Christmas. I toweled Scout off (and he was dirty from running in the dirty snow) and then got a quick shower before helping get Christmas under way.

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