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Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Okay, so I live in the SOUTH, the SOUTH as in Warm Weather!! Now we did get cold weather from time to time....but it's SOO COLD right now. I shouldn't really complain, I'm pretty sure it's cold just about everywhere right now. Well not everywhere...but you know. When I took Scout out for his walk this morning it was 18 degrees, and felt like 10. Brrrr. I haven't been running, I haven't been doing anything but trying to keep warm...ohh and working!!*smiles*

I think today it might get to be a little nicer, and YAY the sun is out already so that means it will feel a little nicer. WOO HOO!! I think I'll finally get a run in today. Running makes my world feel a little more sane! I should of been getting on my bike/ on my trainer while it's been cold....but I hate it. Maybe this winter will be the winter I learn to love my trainer??? Who's kidding, I'll get have to get on and do it!

They are calling for SNOW...yep SNOW tomorrow, and maybe this weekend too. WILD. Even more WILD is that Raleigh has already had snow. It's not officially winter...I just want to clarify, and we've had snow in the SOUTH!!

On a another random side note, Jason and I have a bet. I told him that this winter is going to be colder than last, he didn't think so. So he said if he wins I owe him $1. I told him I win he owes me a trip to Australia! Yeah...I'm actually hoping for a COLD WINTER!! *winks*

Just a house in the neighborhood...taken while walking Scout!

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