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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Ugly Sweater Fun Run....

I met my friend Kim and went out for the Ugly Sweater Fun Run at Fleet Feet tonight. Of course we also decided to get there early and go ahead and start our run. Which means we missed a lot of the cool light displays because it wasn't dark enough and people weren't home to turn the lights on yet. On the directions it said to go past the *Great Lights* and then do a U TURN. Well we figured out where the *Great Lights* were at, but they weren't on yet. Kim and I were marveling on what it would look like when it was all turned on....when the owner came home and turned everything on! WOW!! It was really cool watching it all get turned on! The big Santa came up and it was HUGE!! It was a fun little run to go on. 3.85 miles in about 41 minutes...a little less then 11 min miles. We had a great time!

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