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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Blind Tasting..

While we were in Virginia we decided on a whim to do a Blind Tasting of some of the wines we had in the house. We had a couple of people who my Mother in Law thought knew a lot about wine and would be able to "tell the difference". Anyone who really enjoys wine knows that everyone's palate is different and what I love you may hate and vis versa. So we tasted a California Box Wine (Black Box Cab) - don't knock it, it's a great everyday wine that keeps well because of it's packaging. I wouldn't venture beyond the Cab though...for my tastes. We had to put some of the box wine into an actual bottle to "fool" the folks. A Chilean Cab Blend (that cost us around $10), and two Virginia wines that were Merlot blends (Barboursville- Octagon ~$60, and Veritas Claret ~$40). The person everyone though knew the least about wines got a perfect score, the two guys who my MIL thought would know the most got 0 correct and 1 correct, I only got 1 correct, and both of my in-laws got 2 correct. Pretty amazing right? The favorite wine of the group? The Virginia Wine - Veritas, was the favorite, then the boxed wine and the Chilean wine were tied for second and the most expensive wine Barboursville came in last. What did I drink at dinner? The Octagon (Barboursville), heck the rest of the wines were going fast, I might as well enjoy the $60 bottle while I can!!*winks*

A NOTE: Everyone said that they actually liked all the wines and would drink any one of them.

I labeled the bottles WINE instead of ABCD or 1234, I thought it was cute.

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