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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

NC State Fair

my buddy holding Dad's hand

my extra little buddy and Mom

Looks like Pete is running from the law.

Nate waiting for NC State Ice Cream

Me waiting in line for Ice Cream
Last Sunday I went to the State Fair with my good friends.  I only go to the fair with them, it's become tradition.  They actually go to the fair a couple of times, but reserve one time to "go with Chrissy".  I'm not the typical fair person.  I don't ride the rides....I mean anything you can pack up and take away does not seem safe enough for me to ride on.  I don't eat most of the food, what a lot of my friends go to the fair for (deep fried EVERYTHING).  I go to see the exhibits, check out the animals, people watch, and hang out with my friends and their little ones now.  I love seeing the boys faces light up to the animals and when we walk through all the food vendors and by the rides. I told Jenn that when the boys get old enough, and start wanting to ride the rides, will be when I stop coming to the fair with them.

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