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Sunday, November 6, 2011

B2B 140.6 for friends!

WOO HOO!!  Watching friends complete their goals is AMAZING!!

The girls were surprized by our purple supporter shirts

Jenn running to the bike from the swim

Jenn getting ready to bike 112 miles

Avril going out on the bike.

The girls finally found each other on the ride

Jess and Avril at the rest stop

Me and Jenn at the rest stop

Jenn and Dar at the rest stop

Avril and her Mom at the finish

Neal and Avril at the finish

Jenn and her family at the finish

Dar and I at the end.

Jenn and I at the finish

Lora, Marcus and Jenn at the finish.
Jenn and Avril the next morning.

I went down to Wilmington to cheer on my friends Jenn and Avril who were competing in their first 140.6 mile race (2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike, 26.2 mile run).  Spectating is a sport, let me tell you!!  *smiles*  It was great watching them accomplish their goals!  So Amazing to see all the people who were able to fight the winds and cold of that day.  15-25 mph headwinds for the first 75 miles of the bike.  Chilly conditions for the run.  But the swim was quick with a nice current!  YAY!!

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