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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Day of the Dead 5 K

I had a great time doing this 5 K!!  I needed to do a 5 K to check my time, so I can figure out my training.  My coach is trying to get me faster.  I'm not sure how fast that will be, but faster than I am now would be good!  *smiles*

Bill and I after the race, notice my lovely sweat.

I met my friend Bill downtown around the start line.  We waiting in line FOREVER to get our faces painted (we were 4th and 5th in line), and barely got them painted before the race started.  One guy was painting elaborate designs on people faces (people who were not running), and the girl was doing a much quicker job, with equally cute designs on peoples faces.  I got the quick girl, Bill got the guy and made him stop painting on his face so he could go run!  *smiles*

Downtown is hilly but it's always fun to run around with people.  I had a great time!  I ran hard, and I did my 4 minute run and 1:20 min walk.  I finished in about 27 minutes. WHOA!!   That's FAST...for me.  I'm not sure that it was a true 5 K, pretty sure it was a little short. was an AWESOME race, and I had a great time!!

me after I got home. nice shot of the shirt and face.

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