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Monday, November 7, 2011

Speed Work

I've been working on trying to get faster, and my coach (from TNT) said he could make me I'm doing what he tells me to do.  It's hard, like really really hard.  I dread the workouts, but they are relatively short, which means they are over before you know it.  I'm always thinking of ways to cheat my way out of the workouts, but then I go ahead and do them anyways.  I'm not helping myself by not doing the workouts.  So today it was run 3 x 1 miles at a 8:40 pace (which is wicked fast for me), then a 1/4 mile recovery walk between each mile.  Whew, it was hard, but I mostly did it.  My mile times were 8:38, 8:41, and 8:45.  On the way back I saw a really cool spider web and had to take a picture.

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