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Monday, November 14, 2011

It was my BIRTHDAY!!

HOLY COW...I'm getting OLD!!  Saturday was my birthday!!  It was pretty darn AWESOME!  I have some pretty AMAZING people in my life, lot's of people to make me feel super special....thank god for that!  *smiles*

I started my day with a 16 mile (OMG, I HATE RUNNING AFTER 10 MILES) run through some of the hills of Raleigh.  I met up with the team and ran through N. Cary Park into Umstead through Umstead and down to Edwards Mill Rd...ohh and then back.  The best part of that run??  CUPCAKES at the end!  Yep one of the coaches made me cupcakes for my birthday!!  They were super yummy, white cake with chocolate frosting, with a little extra chocolate in the middle!  Perfect way to end the run!

On my way home I stopped at Harris Teeter (grocery store), and grabbed a bag of ice.  Then I got home and ran a bath of cold water while I sat in the tub and then added the said bag of ice.  Yep it's ice bath season.  I do a ice bath after every run over 15 miles.  They are so painful, but they make life so much better.  Joints get less inflamed when iced down.  It makes it so I can walk again!  YAY, walking!! (key to successful ice baths are having something warm on, on the part of your body is not in the tub, and drinking a warm beverage, and having something to distract you, ie: magazine, iPhone, book, conversation with the one you love)

After the ice bath my sweet hubby made me lunch.  Yummo grilled cheese and soup, perfect after the cold run.  Then it was nap time.  Ahhhh I love a good nap after a long run.

After waking up I had a bunch of birthday cards that had come in the mail to open.  Fun to get birthday cards...I love it!!  Then I got ready for dinner.  Dinner was AWESOME!  I met a bunch of my friends at Taverna Agora (FAB Greek Restaurant).  We had a lovely dinner with more fun birthday cards.  After that some of us went and got some frozen yogurt at Yogurt Mountain and chit chatted.  Perfect fun night for me.

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  1. Happy belated birthday. I am glad that you have a great day. I haven't had an ice bath yet. It just sounds really painful. I am sure in the upcoming months I will learn to like them as well.