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Monday, November 7, 2011

Saturday's Run...

hanging out before the start.

getting ready to start.
So Saturday I got up and went out and ran with the team.  I haven't been to team runs the last couple of weeks because of doing the day of the dead 5 K, and then cheering on the girls at B2B.  So I was excited to come out and see everyone out there training for the cause.  Our group is training for 3 marathons or halves this season.  Kiawah, Disney, and PF. Changs.  It's a small group, and most of the team was doing the City of Oaks half marathon as a warm up.  Ohh yeah, and we were doing a staggered start...depending on what your workout called for.  I had an hour run to do, so I got there at 8 am.  Some people had 90 min, and some people had 2 hours, so yep we staggered it so we could all end together.  Fun times!!

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