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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

UCK!! Sinus Infection!!

I hate having sinus infections. I seem to get them all the time. I get them especially if I swim in one particular pool (which I know, but swam in anyways last weekend). My head is stuffy, my energy is drained, my body is sore. The last thing I want to do is be around people (even though I worked yesterday and was fine being around people). I also am having a really hard time working out. I'm not exactly sure what the protocol is. Some people say you can workout when your sick, as long as it's not blank or blank.....other people say you should always rest. I usually can figure out what's going to be best for me. I'm feeling like I really want to go for a run today....but I'm not sure my body is going to let me. ARRRGGGHHHH.

I have lot's of stuff going on this week and the weeks coming up. Lot's of meetings, events, and work. I don't have time to be sick (even just a little bit). Special Olympics starts next week, 1/2 marathon training is supposed to be in full swing, Dental Hygiene Association responsibilities are picking is busy. I'm going rest today in the hopes that I'll be feeling better and I can enjoy the weekend (ready- be able to run and scrapbook)

Ohh and SNOW tomorrow....yep starting tonight and into tomorrow there is a 70% chance of snow. It's supposed to be less than an inch....but SNOW shuts down our little we'll see what happens!!


Me and the Old Guy from "UP" at the Disney Wine and Dine Half Marathon (October 2010)

Scout looking out at one of the green spaces in the neighborhood on a cold morning.

My new bike seat (saddle)...with a leopard print and white butterfly (not what my old saddle looked like, but I guess when you get a saddle replaced because of defect in it you just get what they give you??)


  1. I hate that you feel like you have another sinus infection! I used to get them all the time too, I don't know what changed, but I'm glad I don't get them any more. I wish I could pass on why.
    Oh, I just hate it all for you, the pain, the ick, the feeling yucky, the dang antibiotics (that we love because they help, but hate because we build up resistance to bugs because of them.)
    I hope you are feeling much better, very, very soon.
    I made chicken broth today if it will make you feel better, I will share.

  2. All that is true....minus the antibiotics. Arrrggghhh. No doc for that right now. As the last doc I had gave me antibiotics but got mad at me when I took them! Arrrggghhh.

    Like your new screen name...btw!!