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Friday, February 18, 2011

This Past week...YIKES it's been awhile..

So...what to say. I had a pretty NASTY sinus infection. One that threatened to kill me. Well probably not but it felt like it. I had an Amazing Monday (Valentines Day at that), where I took my second sweetheart Scout out for a mid-day run in the turning weather. It was like 60 degrees out at 11am. It was a great run, even though Scout got a little pooped out, but it was a REALLY WINDY run. The winds had picked up a ton. I also did 2 INSANITY workouts (Pure Cardio, and Cardio Abs) both of which were pretty tough. On Tuesday my world was blown. My sinus infection had stepped it up a couple of notches (probably from running in the crazy wind). My green snot would not stop flowing. I worked all day, and then I went to the pool where I DID NOT swim (I didn't think the rest of the people swimming really wanted this particular strain of infection) but I did coach our Special Olympics athletes in their first workout of the season. Then I stopped and got antibiotics. Took my first pill on Tuesday Night before I went to bed. Wednesday came and though I felt more tired that normal and a little dizzy I moved on with my day. I got the garbage out and took the recycling to the curb (I also hit my head on the pedal of my mountain bike and dented my head). I was planning on getting a run in before going to the chiropractor and getting a massage. Well I started a run (it was 31 degrees out) in which I took the most adorable dog in the world (I'm talking about Scout, not your dog). Yeah, not the most stellar of plans. I should not run with Scout in the morning if I have not taken him for his normal morning "walk" first. Scout was great, but needed to smell and pee on everything and once his "business" was done, he was ready to come on home. My nose was running non-stop, and the drainage going down my throat was terrible. After a mile of trying to make it work, Scout and I came home. I took a shower (it's important to be clean people) and went to the Chiropractors office. I came home and vegged for a little bit before going out to meet a potential craigslist buyer for some of the craft stuff I'm selling (and donating the money to my fundraising). I met my person and sold all my dies (for making die cuts) for $160, probably because my head was cloudy....should of asked for $200.
Ohh well. I don't really remember Wednesday Night...that's probably not good. Thursday I got up and went to work, but it was a HUGE struggle. I had a hard time focusing and staying awake during my morning routine. I made it to work, but I didn't feel right. I thought if I just got going I'd be fine, but I really wasn't. After working on 2 patients, I asked if I could call off the rest of the day. The schedule allowed for the combining of patients without to much hassle and I went home. I ZONKED out for a 4 hour nap/pass out. I got up to take care of Scout and pretty much vegged until I went to bed. Sleeping was hard, but I finally did.

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