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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Scrapbooking Fundraiser for a friend!

What an AWESOME day today was!!

I wasn't sure what to expect today when getting to a special fundraising crop today at Achievers. LA, a friend from when she worked at Scrapbook Plaza (a local scrapbook store...that is no longer in business) and to this day (she now works at Achievers...the mega scrapbook store). She and her husband is adopting a little girl from the Ukraine. She was fundraising for the expenses to get over there etc (the whole adoption process). They fell in love this 10 year old little girl when she came for a visit, and they got to meet her. They weren't originally planning on adopting from out of the country or adopting for a little bit. I believe they were planning on fostering a child here in N.C., but they fell in love with this little girl.

I arrived at Achievers at 11 am (the start time for the crop) I set me stuff down and got signed in. I had a great project to work on (one of my friends recently had a baby and asked me to work on an album for her) and I was ready to get started on it. None of my usual suspects were able to come crop with me today so I wasn't sure what kind of people would be at my table with me. I hoped for happy good natured people, but you never know. Well as luck would have it the 3 ladies who sat at the table with me were AWESOME. They all knew each other and they usually had another one in their group, but she couldn't make I was "Becky" for the day. (a little joke). They were happy scrap partners.

This crop was $25, and it included a paper pack (you got to choose what you wanted for a grouping of them), snacks (dunkin' donuts munchkins, cupcakes, trail mix, pretzels, cheesy puffs, mini snickers bars), drinks (water, pepsi, diet pepsi, diet coke, sierra mist), and door prizes (which a ton of stuff for you to pick through as your table was called...WHAT?? Yeah it was WILD). Then you could buy raffle tickets for some "bigger ticket" items that were laid out. Raffle tickets were 1 for $1 or 6 for $5. I had an extra $10 bill, so I got 12 tickets. Let's just say I more than got my money's worth. WOW! I spent $35 for the crop ($25 for the crop, $10 for the raffle). I also bought an album at the store ($30) but I used a 30% off coupon, and I had a store credit so I spent less then $8 for it. The album is for the project for my friend.

So you wanna see the LOOT from my day of scrapping (sorry no pics from my actual work, 7 pages done, it's a private album that if she chooses to share she will). Check it out: (and sorry for the yellow pics...not sure what the deal is with that):

The Whole Sha-bang!

Speciality Paper Pack, Alphabet Pieces, paper, paper packs, frame, stickers, page pebbles, brads....

add...more stickers, paper packs, snowflake brads, buttons, more stickers, mini envelopes....

add..idea book, paper flowers, sticky titles, scrap pack, more letter stickers, tag labels, chip board letters, cork board frames,...

add...mats, pre-done paper bag album, ribbons, fibers, and tags....

So if you are one of my scrapping buddies...sorry you missed this! It was AWESOME! There is another one coming up...Sunday March 27 (11-6 pm), mark your calenders and let me know if you wanna come. I can see if LA has room for ya!

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