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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Beautiful Sunday!

WOW!! What a Gorgeous Day!! February 27th and 80 degrees out. AMAZING!! On top of all the beautiful weather the great day had been planned. One of my Best Friend's birthdays was today. So we met for lunch (4 of us), went for an AWESOME bike ride in the sunshine (5 of us) and headed over for frozen yogurt (2 of us). Ohh and then we went and got fun stuff for the pups at the Pet Speciality store down the street from the yogurt place. Came home and took the pup out for a walk and a play date with his friend.

It was so nice out that everyone, and I do mean everyone was out and about. It was so nice! All the kids were out playing, parents and adults were out talking, walking, biking, and running. So so so so AMAZING.

Ohh and just for amusement purposes: Jenn pumping up her bike tires in Special Bike in check out the boots! No she did not ride with those boots on, but cycling shoes make it hard to hold the pump and pump up bike tires.

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