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Saturday, February 12, 2011


Started my Saturday by sleeping in. Well sleeping in for me, 7 am. I took Scout out for a walk through the neighborhood. It was a nice relaxing morning. Then I got my stuff together for an afternoon run. I went over to Millbrook Pool to work with my Special Olympics Swimmer at the starts and turns clinic (with the premise that I would not get in the water this more sinus infections). I love working with the athletes, and had a great 2 hours of working with them. After doing the clinic I came home changed my clothes and got some lunch. My head was pounding at that point. I didn't really want to go run, but I had promised my friend Jess to come do her last long run before her marathon with her, and my friend Chris was ready to go run as well. So I went and picked up Chris and we headed over to the start point, where we met up with Jess. "We" (read I) decided to run a different route (one we could bail out of if we needed), instead of the normal loop that we do. Once we started running I started feeling better...which was AWESOME. Jess did her 12 miles and Chris and I did almost 10 miles. That felt AWESOME after not doing anything all week. It was a nice day (with a lot of wind) to go for a run!

No Pics, because my head was on straight to take any pictures. So Sorry!

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