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Friday, February 4, 2011

10 mile Cold Rainy day run.

WOW!! It was EPIC today. Cold, rainy, yucky morning. In fact there was freezing rain. So, so, so didn't want to run this morning. Not even a little bit. But I had told Jess I would meet her for the last 10 miles of her 14 mile run and I knew I had to be there. Jess and I texted a little bit in the morning, her not wanting to really run, me saying I could just go back to bed...etc etc etc. But in the end we met up at 9 am (or shortly after because of traffic woes), and started off on the big block (10 mile run). It was COLD. Really, really cold. I'm glad I had my rain jacket (it's a bright yellow cycling jacket). The run was good, cold, hard at times, and EPIC!!! Good for us getting out there and doing this run.

These pics are from our brunch at IHOP afterwards.

After brunch (and coming home to take a warm shower, and load my bike up) I ran around and got stuff done. I went to Trysports and got re-fit on my bike with the new saddle. I was going to buy shoes there too, but they only had last years model (the ones I trained in all last summer) and they wanted me to pay full price for them. Ummm no. Sauvy shoe shoppers know, that running shoes actually lose their support (in the foam) from pounding the pavement, but also from time spent on the shelf. If you want me to pay full price for a pair of sneakers, they better be in this years model, that hasn't been sitting on your shelf for the last 6 months. (Okay that rant is over) Then I went to my old foot doctor's office to see about replacing/?? my orthotics. Turns out they can re-cover them for about $45. It takes a week and a half to get them back....but $45 as opposed to $500! SCORE!! I should of just left them, but I'll take them in on Monday! I'm excited about it!

When I got home from all that I went to take the Pup out for his walk, but it got cut short because my right knee was killing me. So I came home and put the ice pack on it. It's feeling a little bit better. We'll see as the day/ weekend progresses.

Edit: in the first mile one of my great friends saw us running while she was driving home from the vet, she pulled over and came running up to us. I love the support of my wonderful friends!! YAY!! I got to come over and love on her sweet pups ( a couple of Scout's best friends) before we went off to finish the run!

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