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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Virigina Wines...

(Me at Afton Mountain Vineyards- )
Cab Franc and Festa de Bacco were our favorites here

Yesterday Jason and I did our own little winery tour. We picked a few of the MANY Virginia Wineries to take a peek into what the area has to offer. Jason's parents (who we are up visiting for the holiday weekend) live in the Shanandoah Valley. It's beautiful here. It's also Wine Country....and Horse Country too.

We went to 5 different places, most of them were vineyards, one was just a tasting room. Of the 5 places 1 had FANTASTIC wines and the atmosphere was okay (probably nicer in the summer) - Barboursville, 1 had Really Good wines and the atmosphere was AMAZING - Veritas, 2 had good wines- Flying Fox and Afton Mountain, and one was Terrible to my palate and the atmosphere was ehh- Burnley.
(Tasting at Flying Fox -
The Trio and Flying Fox Red were our favorite here (the flying fox red can be made into a beautiful mulled wine)

It was a beautiful day filled with Sunshine and lot's of laughter. Jason and I enjoyed touring around and checking out the Virginia Countryside. SOOO PRETTY!!

(Veritas was so beautiful-
The Claret and the Cab Franc Reserve were our favorites here

(Burnley...ehhh - )

Life is good to be able to enjoy a Saturday afternoon drinking wine with the one you love.

(Barboursville- Great Italian Style wine- )
Our favorites here: OCTOGON -Super Yummy, Merlot Reserve, and Cab Franc Reserve

If you can't tell...we like RED's. Yummy full bodied RED's. It's not everyones tastes, but these are our picks!

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