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Monday, November 29, 2010

The Holidays are coming...

Today has been interesting to me. I had a friend from facebook imply that I was to commercial because I said Happy Cyber Monday to her. Funny because I don't feel commercial, nor did I partake in any of the frenzied buying this weekend, or today. And in fact if you know me you know I'd rather spend time with family and not have gifts at all during the holidays. I worked really hard to try implement that for years, and last year we actually did it. We did a Family Vacation to Disney World instead giving gifts.

Also on facebook a friend put out a statement about how they have made a conscious choice to not give gifts at Christmas for their little family. They have asked their family and friends to abide by their wishes. I think it's GREAT. To try and teach their little ones about the spirit of the holidays and being with family, not about gifts. That friend put it perfectly to his little one "On your birthday you don't give gifts to everyone do you?", so he can understand why he isn't getting gifts. The funny thing is that he is getting gifts...the gift of love, togetherness, and family! How AMAZING!

I love seeing all the Christmas decorations up, although I think a lot of people go overboard. I can walk around my neighborhood and see beautiful displays of the season, and I can also see the crazy over-commercialized displays. They still make me smile though.

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