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Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Well....I am Thankful that no one is hurt and that I get to start my Thanksgiving Holiday not in the hospital.

With that being's what happened.

I worked this morning at the other dental office for half a day....which turned into less than half a day because their schedule fell apart. I left the office at 11:30, and talked to Jason on the phone figuring out the plan for going to the bank and packing all the stuff up and getting the highlander ready for the trip up to Virginia for Thanksgiving.

On my short trip down I-540, I was following a car in the middle lane, when all of sudden that car swerved around something in the middle of the lane. Well I didn't have the option to swerve around it as I had vehicles on either side of me. I saw that it was a wheel with a tire on it, and decided I would see if my SUV could maybe clear it. Well long story short- it didn't clear. The tire got stuck under the car and deployed the airbags in my highlander. Arrrggghhh. I got the car over to the shoulder and got out of the car. Lucky the airbags didn't really hit me in the face or anything, but they sure were stinky. I called Jason because I don't think well when crazy things happen to me. After a little discussion I called 911 to try and ask for motorist assistance with the promise of a highway patrol person to come by.

I waited for a long time, and Jason called me back and he ended up calling the Toyota dealership and said if my car was drivable (which it ended up being) to take it there after I got the tire out. I'm so lucky to have an AWESOME neighbor who saw me on the side of the road and came back to help me. He had a jack in his car and lifted my car up so I could pull the wheel out. That's about the time the Highway Patrol showed up. I ended up tucking in the airbags in the pockets and driving to the dealership. Jason met me there and we ended up leaving to go to Virginia in the Civic.

So Thankful that there was no injuries. So happy I didn't flip the car or anything like that. Sucks that the car is damaged (hopefully insurance will take care of it), but it's just stuff. All the people are okay. *smiles*

Happily spending time with Family in Virginia now. Whew!


  1. I did know about this one, even though I hadn't been reading your blog as much as I'd have liked lately.
    Stuart reads your blog too and told me all about it. He was amazed your airbag when off when nothing hit the front of your vehicle. But that's the way things least you know they work. : )
    I'm so grateful that you are safe.
    You may have been a little cramped in the Civic, but I bet you got better gas mileage? (trying to look even more on the brighter side)

    I hope the insurance covers it. And I too am Thankful you have good neighbors.

  2. Thanks Wendy! Turns out insurance is covering it. Not sure how long it's going to take, but that's the way it goes. Like I said, it's just stuff. Stuff is replaceable, people are not.