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Friday, November 26, 2010

People make me smile..

Today was a good day.

I ate more turkey, mashed potatoes and dressing....another day of Thanksgiving. I'm think I'm full up for awhile. Scout got some nice walks around Waynesboro, even though the wind started picking up and brought in a cold front. He was sad he wasn't doing another Turkey Trot. *smiles*

My mother in law and I went to my favorite store to go to when I come to visit "The Cheese Shop". I stocked up on some stables and got some goodies too. I love the Cheese Shop because it's just a fun little shop to get bulk style of items. Plus they have the best brown sugar around. Then we went to Millmont to look at the poinsettia's on display and have a hand made donut (that was to die for). I got some bulbs to plant when I get back to Raleigh. I only ate one donut.....even though I wanted 5.

Tonight we headed over to Jason's Great Aunt Jean's house to hang out with family. The extended family is wonderful happy people who laugh and have a wonderful time together. I have never felt uncomfortable in their presence and I love being around them. I even got to help update a cousin's iPhone so she can get to her facebook easily. Aunt Jean heard we were planning on going to some wineries tomorrow and broke out a bottle of white wine from 1984. Not sure it was in the best condition to drink, but we had a toast to family non the less. Being around this family just makes me smile. Feeling happy and loved!

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