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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A Smile...

Today I was at Costco picking up some stuff. I was having a great morning. The day was beautiful and my morning although not perfect was going pretty well. Costco is dangerous around the holidays, but it really puts me in a good mood to see all the fun holiday stuff around. I helped a lady find her size in the coats (of which I did not buy any....cause I don't need one, but man they were cute). I'm pretty sure I had a smile on for the whole time I was in Costco, it was really just a nice morning to run around the big warehouse. When I was waiting to get out, you know you have to have your receipt looked over, the guy checking the receipt commented that I had a beautiful smile. That he didn't see people smile as much anymore. It was nice to hear, and I was really glad that I had a good smile on!


  1. I love seeing you smile!
    And this is a wonderful picture of you!!

  2. I feel the same way the gentleman at CostCo did, you just don't see a lot of people smiling now-a-days. That's why I try and smile at everyone that I see looking my way. It's amazing how many people will smile back.

  3. Chrissy, you DO have a great smile! You make dentists and hygenists proud.

    And that's a great pic of you, too!

  4. Thanks everyone! I love it when my smile is really what I'm feeling on the inside!