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Friday, November 19, 2010


Finding time to enjoy friendships is always a good thing. I was lucky I got to spend some time with my friend Wendy today. I haven't seen her in forever (or at least it feels like FOREVER). She has been dealing with some crazy health issues. One of her biggest issues is Meinears Disease which is a condition of the inner ear which in a nutshell gives you balance issues (vertigo) and hearing issues (tinuitis, and hearing loss). She's felt trapped by her body and unable to go far from her own house. I brought her some wine bottles (for an art project she is going to be working on) and a crock pot for her "Crock Pot Thanksgiving". She is having a procedure done on Wednesday (and blood patch on her spinal column) in the hopes of some relief from her disease. It was a nice visit. We just sat and talked. Her husband ran out and got dinner for all of us and it was just sweet. YAY for finding time to spend with friends.

Good Luck WENDY on your procedure on Wednesday!

So far it seems the procedure for Wendy has been sucessful! You can read about it here:

(Here is a picture I stole from her blog)

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  1. I'm finally getting caught up with reading other people's blogs. The few days before, during and after this procedure have been crazy! Thank you so much for this post. You are the best! I value our friendship more than you know. I really enjoyed spending time with you (as always)
    Thank you again.