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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012/ Turkey Trot and More..

I have been told there is really only one turkey trot (in Raleigh).  Even though you can look up turkey trot raleigh on google and it'll give you multiple options of places to do your pre-thanksgiving  energy release, there is only one true turkey trot in Raleigh (and the surrounding area).  My friend Kim has told me this, and I guess I believe her, because year after year I come with her to do this turkey trot (even though there are 2 that are closer to my house).  The Ridgewood Turkey Trot is for sure a Raleigh tradition.  This year there were over 3,000 people who took to ridge road at 8 am to trot before the big feast.  Ridgewood Turkey Trot is an 8 K (most turkey trots are 5 K's), so you have to be a little serious if you are going to do this one.  On top of it being an 8K, it's in downtown Raleigh, which means....HILLS.  I love it though, the people out, the costumes, the fun of doing a race with family and friends is AWESOME!  This year Jason decided he would come and trot with us.  (I've only gotten him to do one other turkey trot with me, it was in his hometown...and we had fun then too).  Also my friend Jenn, and Kim's friend who had run the Boston Marathon, and Kim's Mom came.  Jenn, Kim, Jason and I ran together...and Kim's Mom walked, and Kim's friend did her runtastic running all by herself.  We met back up at the end, unfortunately all the food (bagels and oranges, and banana's were gone when we finished), but we were okay with that, it just meant more room for turkey later.

After trotting we came home and got to making our side dishes for friends thanksgiving.  I made the famous mashed potatoes, and some yummy apple spice cookies.  Scout got to lick the mashed potato pot after it was all put in other dishes.

We headed to Kim's parents house where we had a FAB thanksgiving with friends!  YUMMY food and GOOD times!  What more could a girl wish for??

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