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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Color Run in Charlotte.

AGGGHHHHH!  I'm not sure why or how I get myself into these things!  *smiles*  I signed up for the Color Run months and months ago.  I was super excited.  The closest one was in Charlotte.  I had a whole gaggle of friends going.  I was excited.  Hmmmm.

Morning of the color run, it was early, and I was tired.  I got up, I got ready, I picked up my friend Kim...we got on the road and drove and drove.  The Color Run people said come early, to avoid lines, it's going to be crazy.  So we got there crazy early, and no lines.  It was okay, it was cold.  We met up with our friends.  I had told my one friend that I would walk with her, she had a foot injury that meant no running for her.  We discussed it awhile before.  As it turns out the whole group walked with her.  We had a great time getting colored.  The funny thing is at the orange area they ran out of the powder (we were the middle of the event) and so people rolled around on the ground to get color.  HA!

Ohh what is a color run?  Well it's a run where you start in all white (or mostly white), and then at every kilometer of the 5K event they throw colored corn starch on you.  It's fun, you turn into a human tie dye art piece.  I paid $65 to do this event, and the money went to put on the event and then to habitat for humanity, good cause for a fun time.

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