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Sunday, December 16, 2012

I didn't make it...

A little while ago I heard that the Nike Women's marathon was going to do a race on the east coast.  I was excited, as I've done (sort of) the race in San Fran.  Well I've done it, but it's the source of all my running angst. I really thought it would be great to be able to run in DC (about 4 hours away from here) and bonus it's only a half marathon (13.1 miles).  I knew I wanted to try and sign up.  The Nike marathon is super popular, it's probably because the finisher's "medal" is a Tiffany's necklace.  Yeah, it's pretty sweet!!.

So when my friend Kim D asked if I wanted to try and sign up, of course I was like....yeah!!  I signed up for my Nike Plus account (you had to have one to enter the lottery), and I put my name in (with all my credit card info), and hoped for the best.  Weeks went by, honestly it could of been months....but it was just weeks.  I was finishing up at work and checked my friend Kim D texted me to tell me she got in, and asked if I had.  I didn't have an email saying anything.  I told her as such, and she said maybe it's because it was alphabetical.  Hmmmm.  I got home after work and still nothing.  I texted my friend Jeanne, who also was waiting to hear. Then around 10 pm I got an email, the email.  So Sad.  I didn't get in, Jeanne didn't get in.  Only Kim got in.  Maybe we'll go up and cheer her on...or just be sad and bitter at home.  We'll see come April!  *smiles*

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