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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

My Birthday!

I got back from the trip up to PA at midnight!  And it was my birthday.  I went to bed, then got up in the morning at my usual, I can't sleep in late (especially with a sweet pup who wants morning walks).  I got up and did a birthday run!!  YAY!!  Run's are good.  They make me feel happy, even if I have to push myself out the door.

After the run I decided it so nice out, I should do some work outside.  I hate yardwork!  YUCK!  So I borrowed my neighbors hedge trimmers and went crazy in my yard.  I didn't finish it, but at least I started!  *smiles*  It was quite the experience.  I had bugs flying out of the wicked bushes all over the place.  2, count them 2 got caught under my eye lid.  After it happened the second time is when I called it quits.

I took a nap, cause....yeah that what happens when you have the day off and went to bed late and get up early! Then I got ready to go to dinner with Jason and some friends.  It was a great day!

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