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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!!

Yesterday was a great day!!  I got up and did my last long run with the was "just" 10 miles.  Don't you love it when you get to the point in training when your previously long long runs are "just" runs.  I love it!!

Disney Team after the 10 mile run.
I brought my camera on my fuel belt so I could practice being ready for pictures at Disney.  I did pretty good with it, but I won't post all those crazy pictures (including the one of the little dog, of whom I called Mickey, who was running free).  I did the crew that stuck around to get together and have our picture taken!  Funny thing that happened was that one of my teammates was given a set of my coasters as a gift (was purchased at the Trek Store).  She really liked them and that made me happy!!

I hung out with some of the team afterwards for a late breakfast (recovery meal) at Bruggers Bagels.  It was an interesting experience.  *smiles*  It was crazy busy, but we all got to hang out and talk a little about our holidays and our upcoming exciting trip to Disney.

Fun times
Lot's of Characters
I came home and took a nap....cause I'm good like that!!  *smiles*  Then got up and helped Jason (a little) get ready for the party happening at our house.  We had a Murder Mystery Party with friends for New Years.  Jason (my husband) and Kim (my friend) came up with this idea a week or so ago, and I thought...GREAT, lets do it!!   So we did.  Kim had a boxed game set.  We set up an evite, we set up the characters, and sent out special emails out to those who would play parts (the only people who showed for the dinner) and set up the meal plan.  It turned out to be AWESOME!!  Everyone who came seemed to have a GREAT time, and really got into Character...and a bunch of Characters we were!!  *smiles*
Fun Food and Friends

Yay, for Friends!!

The midnight hour came and we toasted with our bubbly and watched the ball and acorn drop on television.  Then everyone packed up and headed home.  We were in bed by 1:30!!

New Years Resolutions....I usually don't do them, however I will be trying to do some this year.  One of my biggest resolutions is to drink less soda.  Ideally to stop drinking soda at all.  However as I know I'll be drinking soda in Disney, and probably after every race I do (it's just super satisfying), and it's one of the only things that helps with the onset of migraines.  My other resolution is to eat less fast food, limited to only 1 x week (or less).  My other resolutions are more personal, and somewhat private.

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