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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

It's about to be here!!

I can't believe I'm about to cross another milestone off my list!  I hope I'm not jinxing myself, but I'm so happy to be almost done with this marathon thing!  I love my runner friends, you know the ones who aspire to do 50 mile and 100 mile runs (or have done them already), but I'll NEVER be one of them.  You know what....running hurts!  Well, not all running....just those stupid long miles.  Truly it's a mental game, one that is hard to figure out, and not so much fun to play.  Regardless - I am about to embark on my mission to conquer the 26.2 (attempt #2).  This is a no holds bar, take no prisoners, act of need.  So in order for me to mentally tough it out through this battle of 26.2 miles I will be remembering that 1) I want this!, 2) I never want to train for this again!, 3) All the people in my life touched by cancer who I am doing this in honor of or memory of (this list is way to long!).

I plan on having a great weekend!  I'll have fun!  I'll take pictures.  I'll enjoy being with my team, I'm sure I'll even enjoy a little alone time.  I'll also be reflecting.  Anyone who has done a TNT event knows that with it comes some heavy duty reflection, if not on your own, then with the "Inspiration Dinner"....which usually makes me cry.

David Brooks - is an amazing young man who is battling Leukemia, and has been for about 2 years now.  He's recently been dealing with some kidney issues as well (HUS), and when he was originally diagnosed he had had a stroke as well.  This young man is battling through some amazing fights!  He has a good attitude and a structure of family and friends to keep him going.  David I'm running this race in honor of YOU!

Wendy Gammon - My mom.  Diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma in 2/2007, stem cell transplant in 10/2007, dealing with all the after effects of chemo and stem cell transplant on a person who is very drug sensitive. Mom I am raising money for The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society in honor of YOU!

Lynn Harris - Uncle, you were a rock to our family.  Your passing left a hole that no one can fill.  We miss you.  I run this race in memory of YOU!

Pat Allen - Aunt Pat- I wish I had known how much you were going through before the end.  Your battle was a secret, but you fought the best you could.  I run this race in memory of YOU!

Georgi Brunning - Cousin - even though I haven't seen you in years I think of you.  Your battle with the cancer monster was amazing and I'm glad you made it through the mine fields to be here with your family.  I run this race in honor of YOU!

Vashni DePaz - You my friend are one AMAZING woman!  You are totally going to kick some cancer butt...AGAIN!!  Keep strong in your diligence!  I have faith that you will defeat the cancer monster!  I run this race in honor of YOU!

Jane Pahner - You have made my life so much happier.  I'm so happy you have fought the cancer battle and won!  I run this race in honor of YOU!!

Rob Harris-Cannon - You have given me the strength and determination to keep going so many times you don't even know it.  I'm glad to call you friend!  I'm so happy you have won your cancer battles.  I run this race in honor of YOU!!

there are so many more......but the tears are welling up already and I can't write anymore names right now.  I'll try to add to the list before I leave....but know that I am thinking of you all!!

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