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Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Just a quick post.  I finished all 26.2 miles of the Disney Marathon on Sunday!!  Yep I did it!  It was actually kinda fun.  It's was hard, no doubt, but I stopped and took lot's of pictures...lot's and lot's of pictures!  My goal was to finish...not to finish by...whatever time.  So I didn't mind standing in line to get my picture taken with as many characters as I wanted!  Believe it or not, I did pass up a few!  *smiles*  I'll post a full race report soon (after I finish my look backs).

I'll be taking a mini break for now.  I'm pretty sore still.  Muscles are still recovering, but I'm happy.  So HAPPY!!  Soon I'll be on my bike again, training for the 100 mile bike ride around Lake Tahoe.  Happy for my break, but excited to be getting on my bike more again!

Mickey and Minnie right before the finish line!!


  1. oh yay! Congratulations! (Two weeks ago now... so behind on blog reading!). NICE JOB!

  2. Thanks Ken and Karen, I posted all the pics in a later post!! *smiles*