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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Sometimes, some things....just hurt.

I'm so sad right now.  My heart is heavy.

hanging at our house
found a good place to sleep (on our bed)
Yesterday morning I got a phone call from my neighbor and friend asking about our vet.  You see their dog, the one I dog sit all the time has had this on going issue.  He doesn't always put all his weight on his front right foot.  I've noticed it for awhile and mentioned it to them every time I watch him.  This last time I watched him (right before Christmas) I noticed it, and that he really didn't walk his "normal" distances, also that he had a fatty tumor in what looked like an uncomfortable area (under his "armpit").  My neighbor was calling to see who my vet was, why I go to them, etc., because when they called their vet they were amazed by the price to have a "picture" (read x-ray) taken.  Something like $400.  I don't think $400 is that expensive, and I told her so, and explained that they would probably have to sedate their dog to have the x-ray, and that they probably needed to be ready to do any sort of surgery (if needed) at that time, because why sedate a 110 lb, almost 10 year old dog twice. She thought it was probably just arthritis, because it seems to come and go, and I didn't have anything I could tell her.  I gave her all of my vet's info, and told her that they usually explain things really well, and are very nice and have always been helpful for me and Scout (Scout had lot's of issues as a puppy).

staying close to Jason
The rest of my day flew by.  My in-laws who were in town, packed up and went home.  I saw a friends new house (a friend moved into the neighborhood and is working on slowly unpacking).  I did some laundry.  I worked on trying to organize a meeting with another friend. I worked on my designing some TNT thank you cards. Jason took Scout out for his evening walk.

chillin' on the stairs
When Jason came back I was babbling on about this or that, and he stopped me to tell me.  He told me that our neighbor stopped him while he was walking Scout to let him know that he took his dog to our vet.  That Seven has osteocarcinoma. Bone Cancer.  That the fatty tumor under his front right leg has been masking it.  That they could amputate his leg, but there is not a good chance that they would get it all.  That he has about 2 months of life left. I broke down in tears.  I love this dog, even though he isn't mine.  Even though he's a complete lummox, whose big ol' feet are always stepping on me.  He's big sweet face always wants to be right there with you. This 110 lb doberman who thinks he's a lap dog and wants to always be by your side. My heart aches.  His family will be having a hard time with all this. There are 6 humans in his family, and they are going to miss him like crazy.  Man I love that Seven dog, and this just hurts.

his bed (the guest bed) at our house.

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